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Sony PlayStation Roundup – State of Play: Volume 2

A look at the announcements and trailers from the second State of Play as well as some Sony PlayStation news from this week.

We got another State of Play installment from Sony on May 9th so we’ve got a roundup of some of the trailers and announcements made during the showcase as well as some news from earlier in the week.

EA Access for PS4

Before we get to State of Play, news emerged earlier this week in regard to EA’s subscription service, EA Access. The service will be coming to the PlayStation 4 in a move that will bring it up to speed with the Xbox One and the PC via Origins. The service provides access to a variety of games from EA’s vault (minus any Xbox exclusives) as well as allowing for test plays of new EA games a few days before release. The subscription to the EA Access service will allow for discounts and unlimited play of the available games from the vault which includes titles from the FIFA and Battlefield series. The cost in the US will be $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year which will be available via the PlayStation Store. This is an interesting turn of events for Sony as they originally rejected the idea of bringing EA access to the PlayStation 4 back when the service debuted in 2014. This was because Sony didn’t feel it was a good value for its customers, but the store has since increased its library of games available. This increase is probably what made Sony finally agree to the service, now that it has had five years to establish itself and increase the vault. Although no specific date has been given, EA Access will be available in July.

Raising Kratos

A documentary surrounding the hugely popular God of War was recently released to watch for free on YouTube. The documentary from Santa Monica Studios follows the five-year process that the studio embarked on to Kratos to the next generation of PlayStation. A must watch for God of War fans of all kinds, check it out below.

Final Fantasy VII

Now onto State of Play! Arguably the most notable announcement from State of Play was the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII remake. The game has been discussed and floating around in development purgatory for over ten years but it came into official full development in 2015. Since then there had been hints and teases here and there but no significant footage to offer. This teaser is the first fully-fledged look at the remake, and there is no denying that it is looking stunning. We get a glimpse at protagonist Cloud Strife and the sweet and cheery Aerith in a scene where she offers Cloud a flower. The graphics are looking incredible and are sure to enhance what was already a brilliant game.  There is also a brief look at the updated gameplay, which is looking impressive. The trailer ends with a note saying that more will be revealed in June, likely during E3. We’ve waited since the late ’90s for this game so I’m sure we can hold on for another month for more info.


Another trailer was also released for the upcoming MediEvil remake with a release date given. The trailer showed off the story of the game as well as the updated graphics and hack and slash combat. It looks simple but still an enjoyable remake with a cartoony style like Spyro and Crash. The trailer is story focused, so it doesn’t show much in the way of gameplay other than small clips. Hopefully, the game will have more to it than just the nostalgia factor but it is looking good from what we have seen so far. MediEvil will be released on October 25th, 2019 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

State of Play

There were also trailers for the Monster Hunter DLC Icebourne coming September 6th, 2019, a Predator video game called Predator: Hunting Grounds coming in 2020 and an indie game called Riverbond coming this summer.

To give my honest opinion, I’m not really sure that these State of Play stream have been entirely necessary. Most of the information we have been given in the first two streams has been focused on corresponding trailers which don’t necessarily need a streaming event. That being said, the Final Fantasy VII remake was a great addition and the news that has been given is all interesting enough to keep me invested. Here’s hoping that the next State of Play will raise the stakes a little bit in terms of content.

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