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Gamecube 15 Year Anniversary Lists

35 Best Gamecube Games

Being cool means being comfortable in one’s own skin, ignoring peer pressure, and forging a unique path with undersized discs and a convenient handle. With its playfully purple exterior, quirky awesome controller, and a library of some of the most innovative and inventive games ever released on one platform, the...
Game Boys Podcasts

Game Boys, Ep. 122: Seasonal Events: Trick or Treat?

Tim Maison
It’s the spookiest time of the year and that means the return of autumnal seasonal events.  What’s better than dressing your avatar up in eerie gear?  Dressing up your avatar in eerie gear for free!  This Game Boys is dedicated to deciphering if seasonal events are a treat for gamers...
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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 144: ‘Into the Breach,’ The Switch Online Service, ‘Minit’ and Animal Crossing

NXpress Podcast
After months of waiting, Nintendo has finally debuted their Nintendo Switch online service which comes with a new retro gaming offering in the NES app. This week, Marty Allen joins us to discuss the pros and cons of this new service. Before all that, we touch on a few indie games...
Features Games This Week in Gaming News

This Week in Gaming News: The Greatest Hits of Erasure (featuring Nintendo)

Alex Aldridge
Welcome, newshounds, to that time of the week where I observe the settled dust of gaming news, sweep it back up into the air and then complain about how dusty the air is. If I had to pick a standout theme for this week’s piece (and I don’t have to,...
Nintendo Podcast NXpress Nintendo Podcast Podcasts

NXpress Nintendo Switch Podcast 143: ‘The Messenger,’ PAX West and the Nintendo Direct

NXpress Podcast
This week on the NXpress Nintendo Switch Podcast, we discuss the latest Nintendo Direct including the announcement of Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Animal Crossing on the Switch, not to mention the high-definition versions of some of the most beloved Final Fantasy games of all time and a special edition of the groundbreaking...
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‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’ to ‘Animal Crossing’: Everything You Need to Know About the Nintendo Direct

Ricky D Fernandes
One thing is for sure, today’s Nintendo Direct won’t be criticized for being underwhelming or worse, disappointing. After a very successful Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, Nintendo came prepared to knock everyone’s socks off once again. The presentation was bookmarked by two epic moments – the first introducing the long-awaited...