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‘Part Time UFO’ is a Charming, Cute, Challenging and Fun Puzzle Adventure

Maxwell N
Review of 'Part Time UFO', the newest mobile puzzle game by the creators of Kirby and BoxBoy!

Why You Shouldn’t Be Mad About ‘Super Mario Run’s’ Price

Ricardo Rodriguez
Nintendo released an app that costs ten dollars… No really, they actually asked their consumers to pay money (like, actual money), and they expected to get away with it. Nintendo really thinks they should make a profit off their games? That they should have the right to ask us for

Xbox One S? More Like iBox One S

Tim Maison
As of August 2nd, the original Xbox One model is no longer the only one.  Joining its ranks is the Xbox One S, a new model labeled “Sleeker.  Slimmer.  Sharper” by Microsoft.  That seems an appropriate description with the One S being forty percent smaller than the original model, including...