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NXpress Nintendo Podcast #149: ‘Starlink: Battle for Atlas,’ ‘Mutant Football League,’ and ‘Bastion’

NXpress Podcast
This week on the NXpress Nintendo Switch Podcast, we catch up on discussing some recent releases we haven’t had time to squeeze into previous episodes including Mutant Football League, an arcade sports football game that mixes dark humor, blood, and gore for a hellishly good time. Given the lack of sports games on...
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Sweating the Small Stuff: Are Indie Games the Industry’s Future?

Lydia Francis
Many fans and critics alike have commented on the relative monotony of the AAA games industry to no end – why is it that we get a new Call of Duty or Madden every year when each installment is essentially the same? Why is Skyrim being re-re-released for VR consoles...
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Missing Out on the Meh: Why It’s Okay Not to Love ‘Transistor’

Luke Geraghty
I went on a date with Transistor a few weekends back. I took screenshots and scribbled mad, half-realized blatherings on various Post-It Notes, trying to prep myself for an (admittedly belated) review of the game, but what it comes down to is I just didn’t love it. I’m one “meh”...