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‘Castlevania’ Meanders Through an Uneven Second Season

Mike Worby
The first season of Castlevania moved along at a deft clip. The storytelling was epic, the action was fast and frenetic, and there always seemed to be something happening. In fact one of the main criticisms of Netflix's first stab at Konami's vampire slaying saga was that it was too brief.
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‘Castlevania: Rondo of Blood’ Ensured there Would be New Ground to Break

Renan Fontes
As far as classic Castlevania goes, Rondo of Blood is the apex of what can be done with the franchise. Every facet of its design contributes to crafting one of the tightest action-platformers in the genre. Castlevania: Rondo of Blood serves as a natural evolution of the series’ core concepts....
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This Week in Gaming News: Another French Surrender

Alex Aldridge
O gaming news, gaming news, wherefore art thou gaming news? Is anybody else bored of how many times battle royale games like Fortnite seem to keep themselves in the news? They just won’t bugger off, will they? That’s the real beauty of being in charge of the news that makes...
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‘Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon’ — A Companion Piece that Stands on its Own

Maxwell N
Curse of the Moon is a Bloodstained tie-in spinoff that is more than just a quick Kickstarter promise.
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This Week in Gaming News: New ‘Castlevania’, Game Delays and the Battle Royale Bandwagon

Alex Aldridge
It’s occurred to me this week that, considering I typically write this on a Friday, I should probably take into account what happened last Saturday and Sunday… but I can’t remember that far back. If you remember what happened last weekend, hit me up in the comments and you’ll win...
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The TV Roundtable Podcast Episode 4: The Vice President of Dicks

Randy Dankievitch
This week on the TV Roundtable Podcast, TV Editor Randy Dankievitch and Sean Colletti break the laws of space and time to deliver a mega-sized episode featuring lengthy discussions of Game of Thrones‘ first two episodes of season seven, “Dragonstone” and “Stormborn”. In between, they take a brief respite to discuss...
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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 103: ‘Splatoon 2,’ ‘Castlevania,’ ‘Arms,’ ‘Hey! Pikmin’ and A Day with Charles Martinet

NXpress Podcast
This week on the NXpress Nintendo podcast, we discuss Arms, Splatoon 2, Hey Pikmin, Castlevania and a day with Charles Martinet at Montreal ComicCon.