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Warp Pipe, Ep. 5: Hotline Miami

Mike Worby
On this week’s blood-soaked episode of Warp Pipe, Goomba Stomp writer Carston Carasella joins us to discuss the faux-retro masterwork: Hotline Miami. With its addictive soundtrack, twisted gameplay, and utterly unforgiving difficulty, Hotline Miami changed the indie landscape for good when it launched all the way back in 2011, and we chop it...
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‘Minit’: A Good Time, Sixty Seconds at a Time

Maxwell N
A look at Minit: a bite-sized big-little adventure where there's more than what meets the eye
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5 Games To Help You Understand ‘Westworld’

Gabriel Cavalcanti
It seems all kids these days talk about is Westworld. Westworld this, Westworld that. HBO's hit TV series hooked audiences very early on and its season finale only served to remind us that it came to stay. And what are we supposed to do until the second season airs? Play
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Shoot, Dodge, Roll: ‘Enter the Gungeon’

Andrew Vandersteen
Enter the Gungeon Developed by Dodge Roll Published by Devolver Digital Available on PC (Windows, Linux), Mac, PS4 What do you get when you cross twin-stick shooters like Smash TV with the randomized level creation of Rogue and a bestiary straight out of Dungeons and Dragons? The answer is Enter the Gungeon, the...
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‘Dropsy’ – A vibrant and creepy take on old school adventure games

Katrina Lind
Love is scary, vague, and puzzling - at least in Dropsy. Developed by Tendershoot and A Jolly Corpse, this abstract take on the point-and-click adventure genre is simultaneously ominous and delightful. The gameplay and emotionally provocative soundtrack offer a heartwarming, sometimes bittersweet, experience when compared to its peers.