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31 Days of Horror Sordid Cinema

Nosferatu’s Count Orlok, One of Cinema’s First and Most Inimitable Vampires

Thomas O'Connor
Vampires are the cool kids of the monster set. They’re attractive and alluring, mysterious and sexy. Sure there are drawbacks, but who hasn’t weighed a lack of sunshine and a garlic-free diet against eternal youth and power, and at least entertained the idea that they’d sign up for a set...
31 Days of Horror Sordid Cinema

Spanish Dracula, the Superior Version of a Horror Classic

Thomas O'Connor
The early sound era was a strange and tumultuous time for major studios. Their medium had begun to change, taking on a new dimension that radically altered the game, and with this change came numerous problems to be overcome. Among these problems is one that often gets overlooked these days:...
Castlevania 30 Features

‘Super Castlevania IV’ – Does it hold up, twenty five years later?

Mark Sylvia
In late September of 1987, Tokyo-based game development company Konami released Castlevania for the Nintendo Family Computer (or Famicom) in Japan. One of the first action-platformers to be released, it also stood out with its influence from Universal monster movies and Euro-based mythological creatures, Eastern European folklore and Greek mythology...