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Game Boys, Ep. 95: All Aboard the Hype-warts Express

This episode is dedicated to the hype train, that locomotive comprised of all of our unrealized hopes, dreams, and unrealistic expectations.  But what fuels...

Games That Changed Our Lives: ‘Demo 1’ and ‘Metal Gear Solid’

How a PlayStation "Demo 1" disc introduced me to some strange game called "Metal Gear Solid".

E3 2017: Best in Show According to GS’ E3 Attendees

We've learned a lot through this year's experience and now know what to expect of 2018's E3. One aspect of E3 that we don't want to miss out on is highlighting the games, developers, and booths that stood out above the rest.

The Best E3 2017 Video Game Trailers

Trailers are so popular these days that I’d estimate about 90% of the press conferences held at E3 this year were spent showing back to back trailers. In fact, there were so many trailers that premiered at E3, I’ve decided to whip up a list of my personal favourites.

NXpress Nintendo Podcast 100: Live from E3 2017 (Part Two)

The NXpress crew is back with their second part discussion of Nintendo's E3 events and this week most of us were on the show floor to give our hands-on impressions of several games.

E3 Hands-On: ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Taking Us Back to the Front, Back to...

Despite being the sequel to Dice's gorgeous but deeply divisive Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars Battlefront II feels more akin to...well, Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront II from the original Xbox and PS2 era.

Nintendo’s Crazy New Strategy: Listening

Earlier this week, Nintendo unveiled a multitude of titles in their best E3 showings in years. What does that say about their strategy?

Game Boys, Ep. 67: E3 2017 Episode Part One – Sony

The Game Boys are back from E3, and with plenty of new co-op and multiplayer games revealed and demoed in L.A., there’s several episodes worth of co-op content to discuss! In part one of their E3 coverage, the Game Boys give their impressions of Sony’s presence at E3. From Battlefront II to LawBreakers, this episode has it all! Check it out!
pokémon rpg

‘Pokémon RPG’: The Eighth Revolution

Tsunekazu Ishihara announced at E3 that the Pokémon Company was working on a Pokémon RPG for the Nintendo Switch. What should we hope for?

E3 2017 Hands-On: ‘Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’ Somehow Works

'Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle' is a fairly charming turn-based strategy game that so far seems accessible while also showcasing the potential for depth.