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Six Long Years Later, the Wii U is Still Nintendo’s Greatest Commercial Failure

Izsak Barnette
This isn’t how the Nintendo Wii U’s tale was supposed to end. By finishing as the fourth-worst-selling console (13.56 million units sold) from the four major console developers (e.g. Microsoft, Nintendo, SEGA, and Sony) in over thirty years, ahead of only three SEGA consoles: the SGS-1000 (2 million), the Saturn...
Game Boys Podcasts

Game Boys, Ep. 125: Developers Vs. Publishers

Tim Maison
Last week, the Game Boys discussed what makes a good game good. Is what makes a game successful deceptively difficult to discern though or are the tumultuous relationships between developers and publishers blurring that line? EA, Activision, and countless other publishers have notoriously interfered in countless games’ productions with disastrous...
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This Week in Gaming News: Some Developers Know, Some Developers Ask

Alex Aldridge
Perhaps it’s the post-Gamescom fatigue I’m suffering, but this week was the first one since I started this column in which I hadn’t made a single note leading up to writing. Usually I’ve got an inbox full of emails sent to myself whenever something piques my interest during the week,...

‘Dead Space’ and the Power of Confinement

Matthew Dawson
Even from the opening twenty minutes of Dead Space’s somewhat iconic introduction, the player feels trapped. Nothing on the ship is working. All the lights are off. There’s no crew to be seen or heard. The only other voices are those of the rescue team that you’re walking shoulder to
Counter Attack Features Games Spotlight

Counter Attack #4: Ranking The E3 2018 Conferences

John Cal McCormick
there was certainly no runaway "winner" in terms of the conferences this year, with most being good and bad in different ways. Still, that's not going to stop us from ranking them from worst to best for your reading pleasure. So let's talk about how E3 2018 went down, who

EA Play Wrap-Up for E3 2018: ‘Anthem’ Details, ‘Battlefield 5’ Royale, and Lootbox Apologies

Helen Jones
EA Play’s 2018 conference was somewhat underwhelming, but unlike last years onslaught of endless sports titles this year did turn up some indie gems and exciting announcements for Anthem and Battlefield 5. And yes, of course, there was a Battle Royale mode. We’ve condensed the biggest announcements and new titles into...
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Could the Future of ‘Star Wars’ Games be in a ‘Destiny’ Style Shared World?

Chris Bowring
When Star Wars: Battlefront was rebooted in 2015, fans of the franchise were delighted. It was the first Star Wars game in years, and it was being developed by one of the most acclaimed first person shooter developers in the industry (DICE). So it was even more heart breaking when...