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Game Boys Podcasts

Game Boys, Ep. 119: Ported to TV

Tim Maison
Alan Wake, The Witcher, the ongoing Castlevania series on Netflix; video game to TV adaptions are becoming more and more common.  Gaming history is rife with games and series that are perfect for adaptation to the small screen.  From Resident Evil to Elder Scrolls, here are the Game Boys top fifteen...
Podcasts The Fire Keepers

The Fire Keepers, Ep. 21: Ashes to Ashes

Mike Worby
This week on The Fire Keepers we head for the Kiln of the First Flame to take down Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, at last! Before that, however, we talk about the other sections we haven't explored yet, including the Painted World of Ariamis and Return to Undead Asylum.
Podcasts The Fire Keepers

The Fire Keepers: A Dark Souls Podcast — Ep. 20: Too Many Eyes!

Mike Worby
The abyss beckons on this week's episode of The Fire Keepers. From the sunny lake of the Sanctuary Guardian, all the way down to the deepest recesses of Oolacile, we tackle Artorias of the Abyss in all of its terrifying glory.
Features Lists Sony Spotlight Top 10 Games

Top 10 Games with Sony Editor, John Cal McCormick

John Cal McCormick
Top 10 Games is a new, semi-regular series that hopes to offer a bit of insight into the twisted minds of Goomba Stomp’s writers, editors, and podcasters by allowing them to tell you about their all time favorite games, and why they love them to such an unhealthy degree. About John:...
15 Days of Final Fantasy Features Games That Changed Our Lives

Games That Changed Our Lives: Tales of the Crystal: A ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Memoir

Izsak Barnette
It is a testament to the excellence of games that their experiences can often keep us entrenched for hours in our real lives. Many of us readily admit that we have spent thousands, if not tens of thousands of hours, playing video games in our lifetimes. Some find them fulfilling,...
Features Spotlight

‘Persona 5’ Could Be The Most Important JRPG Since ‘Final Fantasy VII’

John Cal McCormick
Persona 5 is a JRPG that's genuinely slick and cool, and in a world in which the Final Fantasy series has devolved into a Japanese boy band driving around in a car for forty hours completing fetch quests, that's something that every fan of Japanese role playing games should be
Blog Features

Don’t Nobody Want ‘FFXV’ Power Rangers (And Other Relevant Information)

Mike Worby
Okay, Square, look: I like Final Fantasy XV, I really do. In fact most of us here at Goomba Stomp liked the latest Final Fantasy, as evidenced by it's 3rd place standing in our 2016 games of the year.
Blog Features

The Console That Could Have Changed the Game Industry We Know Today

Sebastian Cardone
In today’s highly competitive market, many wonder if these competing companies could ever come together to create something special. But this was actually very close to happening. Sony and Nintendo were actually once partners and were going to create a console together that would have radically changed the world of...
15 Days of Final Fantasy Features Spotlight

The Top 7 ‘Final Fantasy’ Games

Mark Sylvia
Final Fantasy is one of the most financially successful video game franchises of all time, and perhaps the most important Japanese role-playing game series of all time, next to Dragon Quest.  While it was initially supposed to be the last game ever released by Squaresoft in general, and one Hironobu...
15 Days of Final Fantasy Features

‘Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children’: A Muddled but Worthwhile Successor

Mike Worby
When the teaser for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children first burst upon the scene in the fall of 2003, it would have been a staggering understatement to say fans were excited. In fact, fans of gaming’s flagship fantasy series were positively chomping at the bit for any new information regarding...