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Game Boys Podcasts

Game Boys, Ep. 122: Seasonal Events: Trick or Treat?

Tim Maison
It’s the spookiest time of the year and that means the return of autumnal seasonal events.  What’s better than dressing your avatar up in eerie gear?  Dressing up your avatar in eerie gear for free!  This Game Boys is dedicated to deciphering if seasonal events are a treat for gamers...
Game Boys Podcasts

Game Boys, Ep. 119: Ported to TV

Tim Maison
Alan Wake, The Witcher, the ongoing Castlevania series on Netflix; video game to TV adaptions are becoming more and more common.  Gaming history is rife with games and series that are perfect for adaptation to the small screen.  From Resident Evil to Elder Scrolls, here are the Game Boys top fifteen...
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E3 2018 Square Enix Wrap Up: A Disappointing Lack of Content

Ed Moreno
Throughout the entire Microsoft press conference the previous day, there was a constant sense of wonder and mystery with Square Enix games. The company continued to show off their games at Microsoft’s conference, so it felt certain that their heavy hitters were going to come out during their own conference....
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Top 10 Games with Sony Editor, John Cal McCormick

John Cal McCormick
Top 10 Games is a new, semi-regular series that hopes to offer a bit of insight into the twisted minds of Goomba Stomp’s writers, editors, and podcasters by allowing them to tell you about their all time favorite games, and why they love them to such an unhealthy degree. About John:...
Game Boys Podcasts

Game Boys, Ep. 69: (Doom)fistin’ and (Poké)ballin’

Tim Maison
The Game Boys are back after taking a week off to bombastically celebrate the birth of the U.S.  In that time, they've played a lot of games and have even more thoughts about those games!  Listen in as they tackle Pokémon Go, Destiny, Pokémon Sun and Moon, Overwatch, and the upcoming Splatoon 2.  Don't miss it!
15 Days of Final Fantasy Features Games That Changed Our Lives

Games That Changed Our Lives: Tales of the Crystal: A ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Memoir

Izsak Barnette
It is a testament to the excellence of games that their experiences can often keep us entrenched for hours in our real lives. Many of us readily admit that we have spent thousands, if not tens of thousands of hours, playing video games in our lifetimes. Some find them fulfilling,...
15 Days of Final Fantasy Features

Can ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Stand the Test of Time?

Gabriel Cavalcanti
The turn of the first decade of the 21st Century was rough for Square Enix when Final Fantasy XIII, one of the most anticipated titles of 2009, ended up being one of the most disappointing games ever made. Despite its positive reception when ported over to Steam, the thirteenth main...

‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Proves MMOs Can Still Be Great

Patrick Donovan
It’s long been thought that the MMO genre has been dying. People have constantly been citing World of Warcraft’s (WoW) falling subscriber numbers as proof of this theory. Furthermore, a number of free-to-play MMOs like Wildstar have been viewed as massive failures and are proof that people have no interest...
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Why Nintendo Needs Square Enix on Board for the NX

Izsak Barnette
There is no doubt that Nintendo has struggled in recent years partly due to their frequent lack of third party support. With the next Nintendo console seemingly on the horizon and the flailing Wii U floating down the river, it bears repeating that Nintendo desperately needs the support of certain...