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Game Boys Podcasts

Game Boys, Ep. 124: What Makes A Game Good

Tim Maison
Tis the season, the season for the best games of the year to release, accumulate their accolades, and potentially walk away with the coveted GOTY tag.  But what, specifically, makes a video game good?  Is it the same across the board or something that can only be determined person to...
Game Boys Podcasts

Game Boys, Ep. 119: Ported to TV

Tim Maison
Alan Wake, The Witcher, the ongoing Castlevania series on Netflix; video game to TV adaptions are becoming more and more common.  Gaming history is rife with games and series that are perfect for adaptation to the small screen.  From Resident Evil to Elder Scrolls, here are the Game Boys top fifteen...
Columns Features Not so Final Fantasy Spotlight

Not so Final Fantasy – The Top 5 ‘FF’ Mini-Games

John Websell
I recently finished what I would conservatively estimate was my 300th playthrough of Final Fantasy VII. As always, between dealing with the competing threats of a megalomaniacal conglomerate and a genetically enhanced warrior with delusions of Godhood, I spent some time at the Gold Saucer.

The Zodiac Rage: My Abusive Relationship with ‘Final Fantasy XII’

Mike Worby
It was a very jolly Christmas eve when I opened my copy of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. As Cristina – my fiancèe – well knew, pretty much anything with the words “Dark Souls”, “The Legend of Zelda”, or “Final Fantasy” was a sure bet when it came to scooping...