For Honor

February 19, 2018

Game Boys, Ep. 93: Drop Off

This week’s episode of Game Boys is dedicated entirely to drop off and the games that we let go of for one reason or another.  Alex, Ryan, and Tim try to discern why some games can hold our attention for so long while others fail to grip us.   What are […]
June 7, 2017

Halfway Mark: The 20 Best Games of 2017 So Far (Part One)

It’s that time once again in which our staff pulls together to come up with a list of our favourite games of the year so far.
May 22, 2017

Game Boys, Ep. 65: Season, Year, and Game Two

Everything ever is getting an update. In this unique episode of Game Boys, Alex, Ryan, and Tim discuss all of the news and goings on in the co-op gaming world. Starting with For Honor, Tim briefly discusses the second season of this Ubisoft fighter.
March 28, 2017
Splatoon Podcast

Game Boys, Ep. 58: ‘Splatoon 2’ Global Bestfire or Misfire?

This Game Boys episode is a mess! That's right, this week Tim, Ryan, and, joined once again by the show's Game Boy Pocket irregular host, Alex Paterno, talk about the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire which ran on the Switch over the weekend.
March 21, 2017

Game Boys, Ep. 57: Too Infinity and Far Beyond Enough Multiplayer?

For Honor, Overwatch, Destiny...there are countless multiplayer games that we've covered endlessly on Game Boys, but are there too many endless multiplayer games in the world? In this week's episode, Tim and Ryan try and decide if there are too many online multiplayer games, especially in light of 2017's relentless schedule of multiplayer expansions and sequels. One thing is can never have too much co-op! So don't miss this week's Game Boys!
March 19, 2017

Rapid-Fire: ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ – PS4’s Most Successful New First-Party IP

Rapid-Fire is Goomba Stomp's weekly Playstation news column, wrapping up all of the Sony stories that you need to know about. This week, Horizon: Zero Dawn became PS4's best-selling new first-party IP, For Honor achieved February's top sales honors, Telltale Games' CEO stepped down, and more.
February 21, 2017

Game Boys, Ep. 54: A Samurai, a Knight, and a Viking Walk into a Game

Today's Game Boys episode is all about conquest and capturing both land and monsters.
February 19, 2017

Rapid-Fire: Sony’s Switch-like Patent Revealed; Crash Bandicoot Remaster’s Summertime Release

Rapid-Fire is GoombaStomp's weekly Playstation news column, wrapping up all of the Sony stories that you need to know about. This week, a Sony patent for a Switch-like device was revealed, the Crash Bandicoot remaster received a release date, Activision was hit with layoffs and more.
February 1, 2017

Game Boys, Ep. 52: No Honor

The Earth's history has been riddled with wars, the Thousand-Year War, the Revolutionary War, WWI, the Console War, but what happens when three of history's most notable warrior cultures come to a clash? Ubisoft's For Honor covers just that, and in this episode Tim and Ryan share their impressions of the recent closed beta. Then, t's a new lunar year, and with it comes a new Overwatch event. What do the Game Boys think of the Year of the Rooster Overwatch celebration? Find out!
January 18, 2017

Game Boys, Ep. 50: Dragon Boyz

The Game Boys have been fans of Dragon Ball Z pretty much their entire lives. So they couldn't be more excited that the sequel show, Dragon Ball Super, is finally coming to the States with a dubbed version.