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30 Years of Metroid Features Space Operas

‘Metroid Prime’: Dissection of a Masterpiece

Izsak Barnette
Metroid Prime is a testament to what ingenuity, hard-work, and pure, unadulterated brilliance can bring to an industry too often defined by meaningless stat-grinds and inch-deep stories.
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A Prejudicial Approach to ‘Overwatch’

Michael Riser
I hated Overwatch. I really did. Right from the start. From the release of the CG trailer that showed off the characters with the visual style and even comedic timing typical of western animation (read: overused to the point of cliche), all the way until release. I didn’t like the...

‘Battleborn’: The Bipolar Game No One Asked For

Will Stroad
Battleborn is the remarkably unremarkable love child of Borderlands and League of Legends. The offspring of two distinctly different genres, Battleborn just doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be and ends up being neither. At the same time it isn’t much of a shooter with so many different...

Creators of ‘Doom’ Crowdfunding new FPS ‘Blackroom’

Will Stroad
Kickstarter has been a great resource for indie developers with big ideas but little else. Of course, a vast majority of those developers just have wild delusions that will and should never become reality. In an odd trend, however, even big developers (or ex-developers in some cases) are getting in...