Game Boys Podcast

November 11, 2016

Game Boys, Ep. 40: Sleepless for Seattle

As part of their Extra Life campaign, the twenty-four hour charity drive where gamers play video games unceasingly and others can watch on twitch or donate to the cause, all proceeds going to a local hospital, the Game Boys promised a live episode as a stretch goal.  That goal and […]
October 26, 2016

Game Boys, Ep. 38: Trick or Treat

The days are growing shorter, the nights darker and colder, and one can’t shake the feeling that everywhere they go they’re being watched!  It can only mean one thing…Halloween is here!  Finishing up their month long celebration, the Game Boys discuss the horrifying…ly bad Resident Evil 6.  Before that, Tim […]
October 19, 2016

Game Boys, Ep. 37: Gearing Up

Grab your chainsaws ’cause the Game Boys’ month long spooktacular celebration continues this week with the return of Gears of War!  Before Gears of War 4, Ryan and Tim get all caught up on Pokemon Sun and Moon news.  Then, the conversation returns to Overwatch for a discussion of the seasonal event Overwatch Halloween Terror.  You won’t […]
July 31, 2016

Game Boys, Ep. 25: Competiterrible- ‘Blast Ball’ and ‘Overwatch’

Three weeks out from the release of the full title, Nintendo have released a demo for the upcoming 3DS game Metroid Prime: Federation Force.  Tim and Ryan share their impressions of “Blast Ball,” the mini game featured in the demo as well as their developing opinions on the mobile sensation Pokemon Go […]