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Sony PlayStation News Roundup-Game Awards Special

Antonia Haynes
This week’s roundup is going to be a little different due to the reveals and trailers we got from the Game Awards on Thursday night. We’ll have some more trailers than usual and we will be pushing our weekly indie game back to next week’s roundup. God of War Takes...
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This Week in Gaming News: Skippy McE3 vs. Big Daddy No Discs

Alex Aldridge
Autumn is a weird season, isn’t it? It’s a devious little bastard that, thanks to global warming, presents itself as such a polar opposite to summer that it frequently gets away with crimes that are almost automatically attributed to winter. Firstly, as soon as the clocks go back – you...

‘God of War’ & Norse Mythology

Matthew Dawson
Transforming traditional folklore and stories faithfully isn’t an easy task. Though the writing team at SIE Santa Monico Studio make it look flawlessly smooth, and frustratingly easy. Usually when a work by another person is either rewritten or reworked, some sort of magic that the original had is lost along
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The Best Games of 2018 (Halfway Point)

It’s that time once again in which our staff pulls together to come up with a list of our favourite games of the year so far. Obviously, with the hundreds of games already released in 2018 already, nobody at Goomba Stomp has had the time or stamina to play through
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The Fire Keepers: A Dark Souls Podcast — Ep. 14: Fortress of 1000 Corpses

Mike Worby
On this week's edition of The Fire Keepers, we head into the infamous silver knight proving ground, Sen's Fortress. Goomba Stomp writer Andrew Vandersteen joins us to talk about this sadistic dungeon of swinging ax blades, devious traps and a treasure chest you definitely should not open.
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How ‘God of War’ Succeeds at Redeeming Kratos

Mike Worby
In God of War III Kratos did one decent thing and it was meant to pay for years of cruelty and bloodshed, here, however, Kratos isn't suddenly redeemed through a single good act. No, instead he begins the path to redemption by coming to grips with the things he has done,