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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 138: ‘Octopath Traveller,’ ‘Inside’ and Nintendo Horror Films

NXpress Podcast
Six years after the sleeper hit Limbo took the video game world by surprise, developer Playdead returned with Inside, their critically acclaimed muted platformer about a boy on the run. Originally released in 2016, the game has finally found its way on the Nintendo Switch, and this week, Goomba Stomp’s...

The 20 Best Games of 2016 (10-1)

Hyper Light Drifter is the perfect example of style and substance working in perfect harmony. Developer Heart Machine’s action/RPG managed to merge the best aspects of beloved titles like The Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls while still forming an identity uniquely its own. Beautiful 16 bit art and a

The 20 Best Games of 2016 (20-11)

As 2016 comes to an end, our staff has put together a list of the best video games released this year ranging from Nintendo Wii U releases, to indie games, PS4 exclusives, triple-A titles and everything in between.

The Game Award’s 2016 WrapUp – If You Made It Through Them You Deserve An Award

William Stribling
Every year The Game Awards proves itself to be more of a two-hour marketing campaign than an awards show. Host, Geoff Keighly quickly showed this year would be no different when he announced five award winners in the minutes before the show had even started.  An hour into the show,...
200 Greatest Horror Films 31 Days of Horror Sordid Cinema

150 Greatest Horror Films of the 21st Century

Ricky D Fernandes
It is impossible to make a definitive list of the best horror films but what follows is a list of my personal 150 favorite horror films of the 20th century accompanied by a few special mentions.

‘Inside’ Story — How Playdead’s Latest Indie Hit Subverts Gaming Tropes

Matt Bruzzano
Since their inception, video games have had an obsession with monsters. We’ve mindlessly stomped on them in Super Mario Bros, endlessly farmed them for loot in World of Warcraft, and repeatedly been obliterated by them in Dark Souls, and while there’s nothing wrong with making the conflict between the player and...
Indie Reviews Indies Spotlight

‘Inside’ Allows for an Incredibly Ambiguous Yet Satisfying Adventure

Chris Souza
In 2010, players were graced with the unforgettable Indie game Limbo, which left a lasting impression and shone a light on the Indie gaming scene. Six years later, Playdead has returned with their sophomore project, improving on everything that made us love their work with Limbo. Inside is everything I wanted...