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‘Aegis Defenders’ Review: A Gorgeously Frantic Love Letter

Kyle Rogacion
Aegis Defenders is a passion project in every sense of the phrase, and it shows. From its fleshed-out world and characters, to the gorgeous soundtrack, and frantically fun gameplay, it makes for a wholly unique experience. While each individual aspect is great on its own, Aegis Defenders truly is a game that's
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14 Years Later, the Spirit of ‘Final Fantasy Tactics Advance’ Lives On In Canadian-Developed ‘Children of Zodiarcs’

Kyle Rogacion
My tank is surrounded. Two knights flank him, and a spellcaster is perched on a nearby roof. I play out the next few turns in my head. Based on possible enemy attacks with this specific arrangement of hostile units, I assess the risks behind staying in place. A sniper is...

‘Yakuza Kiwami’ Proves That Some Things Get Better With Age

Graham Stephen
Yakuza Kiwami follows hot on the heels of the prequal and save for a much more compact narrative nothing is drastically different and that's perfect. Yakuza is still the undisputed king of punching bad people in the face very hard and with more Yakuza games potentially on the horizon, it's