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Wait… Was 2017 The Best Year for Superhero Movies of All Time?

Michael Haigis
After putting numerous films through an air-tight mathematical formula, we've ranked the best years of the 21st century for the superhero genre. It's science!
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Top 10 Iconic Wonder Woman Moments (Part 2)

Logan Dalton
Entering the 21st century, Wonder Woman continued to add to her legacy as a pop culture icon beginning with her appearances in the famed Justice League cartoon along with comics by Greg Rucka and Gail Simone, and finally her own solo film in 2017.
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Divided We Stand: ‘Batman v Superman’ One Year Later

Mike Worby
To say that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a divisive film would be to do a disservice to the word itself. Batman v Superman didn't just divide people, it put them at odds with one another in a manner similar to the titular gladiator bout between its two
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Why ‘Wonder Woman’ Needs to be DC’s Flagship

Geoff Miller
In the wake of most reactions to Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squad ranging from terrible to tepid, the fate of the DC Extended Universe now falls upon one person’s shoulders. But who is it that can save this franchise from collapsing under a bevy of misfires?...
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Tom Watches Movies: ‘Justice League Dark’ is a Decent Primer for DC’s Paranormal Heroes

Thomas O'Connor
'Justice League Dark' is far from DC Animation's previous greatest-hits, providing decent entertainment that newcomers especially may enjoy, while possibly disappointing longtime Vertigo fans with its shallow portrayals of once-vibrant characters.
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Tom Watches Movies: The (Other) Problem With CGI

Thomas O'Connor
Movie nerds sure do love to hate on CGI, don't they? Since being introduced to movies around the 1990s or so, computer-generated imagery, or CGI, has become an essential tool for filmmakers....and a frequent punching bag for audiences and critics.