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Sony PlayStation Weekly Roundup: Playstation 5, Black Friday and Turf Wars

Antonia Haynes
A patent filed by Sony back in September 2017 suggests that the next generation of console, the PlayStation 5, may come with a touchscreen pad for its DualShock controller. The patent, which was granted to Sony last month, suggests a completely new design for the controller. If this is the...
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Great Responsibility, Great Power: The Positive Power Fantasy of ‘Spider-Man’

Christopher Underwood
Since the birth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe comic books and their attendant cavalcade of costumed characters have attained a cultural presence and relevance that is probably beyond even Stan Lee's wildest dreams. As one of the most profitable and popular multi-media intellectual properties on the market, it has elevated
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Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Here are the 19 films that make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ranked from favorite to least favorite – as judged by our wonderful staff.