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‘Override: Mech City Brawl’ Review: Fight the Hurricane

George Cheese
Guillermo del Toro’s mecha-monster masterpiece Pacific Rim released in 2013, which featured titanic ‘Jaegers’, piloted fighting-robots tasked with cancelling the apocalypse by defeating the monstrous Kaiju. The film solidified my burgeoning love of the mecha and giant-monster genres that continues to this day, in part fueled by games like Override: Mech...

Stomping Ground: ‘Battletech’ Review

Andrew Vandersteen
BATTLETECH Developer(s): Hairbrained Schemes Publisher(s): Paradox Interactive Platform(s): PC, Mac (Linux TBD) Reviewed on: PC Release date(s): April 24, 2018 It’s been a long time since the Battletech franchise released a strategy game, with Mech Commander 2 being released in 2001. The series has found much better footing in the more...
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‘Brigador’ — A Robo-Moshpit Simulator

Michael Riser
Brigador Developed by Stellar Jockeys and Gausswerks Published by Stellar Jockeys Available on itch.io and Steam   Right from the start, Brigador oozes style and atmosphere. Everything bleeds gritty, low sci-fi atmosphere with cyberpunk undertones, from the overall themes of the story and world, to the art, music, and text....