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‘Part Time UFO’ is a Charming, Cute, Challenging and Fun Puzzle Adventure

Maxwell N
Review of 'Part Time UFO', the newest mobile puzzle game by the creators of Kirby and BoxBoy!

Surprisingly Super: ‘Plants vs. Zombies Heroes’ Review

Brent Middleton
Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is a strategic card battling game directly in the vein of the Blizzard mega-hit Hearthstone. This alone could've caused Heroes to be written off as a clone, but the polish, accessibility and deep deck building mechanics this game brings to the table shine through brilliantly.

Everything You Need to Know About ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’

Brent Middleton
Nintendo dipped its toes into the waters of the mobile gaming industry last year with Miitomo and Super Mario Run, two very different and (relatively) successful game launches. With Super Mario Run in particular, Nintendo attempted to defy the industry's conventions by charging a one-time premium price for a polished

‘The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode 1’ Review

Patrick Webster
The ever present train of Telltale releases continues to roll on at a remarkable pace; whilst some installments such as Game of Thrones and Batman have slowed momentum to some players over the past few years, Telltale's influence upon the gaming industry can not be understated, completely revolutionizing the point