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It’s Two Steps Back, One Step Forward for BoJack Horseman in “INT. SUB”

Randy Dankievitch
“INT. SUB” presents itself as a fairly typical episode of BoJack Horseman, a completely capable, if indulgent, attempt to recreate the goofy chaos of earlier, less emotionally heavy seasons of the show. However, it’s placement in BoJack‘s uneven fifth season raises the stakes for the episode, which mostly uses its...
TV Never Sleeps

“No Good Deed” Is Daredevil’s Hour of Reckoning

Randy Dankievitch
After Fisk’s explosive release from prison, all the cats are out of all of the bags in “No Good Deed”, a Daredevil episode with a impressive agenda. From the reveal of Dex’s emotional “support”, to Foggy’s disappointment with his new fancy lawyer lifestyle, “No Good Deed” is a series of introspective moments...
Anime Spotlight TV

‘Castlevania’ Meanders Through an Uneven Second Season

Mike Worby
The first season of Castlevania moved along at a deft clip. The storytelling was epic, the action was fast and frenetic, and there always seemed to be something happening. In fact one of the main criticisms of Netflix's first stab at Konami's vampire slaying saga was that it was too brief.
TV TV Never Sleeps

With “Please”, Daredevil Hits the Reset Button

Randy Dankievitch
Although last week’s episode features actual flashbacks from season one, it’s “Please” that almost feels like a clip show, attempting to unwind the damage of the last two years of Daredevil stories and refocus on what made characters interesting in the first place, with a series of focused mini-vignettes on...