Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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New Video Series Reveals Details about Toy-Con Garage Mode for Nintendo Labo

In the first video of a short series, Nintendo revealed new details about Toy-Con Garage mode, an inventive feature included with the software in each Nintendo Labo kit for the Nintendo Switch system.
Nintendo Switch Podcast Mulaka

NXpress Nintendo Podcast 128: ‘Mulaka’ Interview and Debating the ‘Super Smash’ Switch Roster

This week on the NXpress Nintendo Switch Podcast, Adolfo Aguirre of Lienzo joins us to discuss 'Mulaka' the indie hit from Mexico. But before all that, Tim, Rick, and Patrick put a magnifying glass to the recent 'Super Smash Bros.' trailer.
chain chomp mario tennis aces

The Rise of Chain Chomp into ‘Mario Tennis Aces’

Chain Chomp acing the crowds of the Mushroom Kingdom might have been met with immediate bemusement, but was soon followed by acceptance, before a startling approval of grandeur enlightenment.

Kirby Series Retrospective: A Quarter-Century of Dream Lands

With 31 games released in 26 years, Kirby has seen his fair share of banner years. But how did this tiny pink puffer balloon into one of Nintendo’s most iconic and dependable franchises? Let’s take a look...
Kid Koala Interview Nintendo

NXpress Nintendo Podcast 127: Interview With ‘Floor Kids’ Composer Kid Koala and the March...

A journey into the making of 'Floor Kids', plus the best of the Nintendo Direct.

The Super Smash Bros. Series Heads to Nintendo Switch in 2018

During its latest Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo announced that the Super Smash Bros.franchise is coming to Nintendo Switch this year.

‘Hollow’: A Frighteningly Frustrating Experience

The game doesn’t feel finished at times, with plenty of bugs pervading the experience from start to finish. Hopefully these issues can be addressed in the sequel (yes, there’s a sequel in development) because Hollow is an impossible recommendation it it’s current state.

‘The Final Station’ Review: A Trip Through Mediocrity

The Final Station tries to do many things, but fails to deliver on any of them. It has some interesting ideas, but explores no deeper than the surface. It's a perfectly serviceable game, but you're better off looking elsewhere for a fresh and exciting experience.

Game Boys, Ep. 95: All Aboard the Hype-warts Express

This episode is dedicated to the hype train, that locomotive comprised of all of our unrealized hopes, dreams, and unrealistic expectations.  But what fuels...

Games that Changed Our Lives: ‘Earthbound,’ the Greatest Story Ever Told in a Video...

Chock full of odd charm and humour in a genre that usually takes itself a little too serious, Earthbound is one of the weirdest, most surreal video games you'll ever have fun playing.