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Game Boys, Ep. 74: Cluster Cuss

It's been a whirlwind week in co-op gaming news.  To start, the pre-orders went live for the hot object of the year, the SNES Classic Edition, and it was a mess.

Game Boys, Ep. 72: Watch and Learn

This week's Game Boys episode is all about personal preferences.  In honor of Splatoon 2's Splatfest, do the Game Boys prefer mayo or ketchup?  Then,...

Game Boys, Ep. 71: ‘Splatoon 2’ and Doomfist…Spladoomfish

There's a lot of exciting goings on in the co-op world!  For starters, the latest console on the market, the Nintendo Switch, is off...

Andromulus – Doomfist Rises (Overwatch Remix)

Should you be a fan of the phenomenally popular multiplayer shooter that is Overwatch, and/or pristinely produced electronic music, then this should certainly not be missed.

Game Boys, Ep. 70: Bird Brains and Betas

What do Pokémon GO, SpeedRunners, and Destiny 2 have in common?  Not much, but they all are on this episode of Game Boys!

Game Boys, Ep. 69: (Doom)fistin’ and (Poké)ballin’

The Game Boys are back after taking a week off to bombastically celebrate the birth of the U.S.  In that time, they've played a lot of games and have even more thoughts about those games!  Listen in as they tackle Pokémon Go, Destiny, Pokémon Sun and Moon, Overwatch, and the upcoming Splatoon 2.  Don't miss it!

Why Do We Sexualize Video Game Characters?

From the infamous Custer's Revenge to the celebrated NieR: Automata, time and time again there has unfortunately been a firm element of sexualization applied to any character bearing the identity of female within gaming.

What If We Could Lootbox Government?

If you’ve played any modern games on virtually any system, then you’ve already come across some form of monetization. Producing a game costs a lot of money, and often the game has upkeep costs that go way beyond the initial price of development.

Game Boys, Ep. 66: Hands on With ‘Arms’

In this week's Game Boys, Alex, Ryan, and Tim test out the Switch's latest, Arms. Arms' Global Testpunch was available last weekend and next, and the Game Boys were all over it. What was they're take on the game, how did they fair in the ring, and are they going to pick it up? Of course the Game Boys also had to talk about the latest Overwatch event. Is the latest controversy concerning Blizzard's team-based shooter well founded? What can be done to fix the event drop dilemma? Find out on Game Boys!

Game Boys, Ep. 65: Season, Year, and Game Two

Everything ever is getting an update. In this unique episode of Game Boys, Alex, Ryan, and Tim discuss all of the news and goings on in the co-op gaming world. Starting with For Honor, Tim briefly discusses the second season of this Ubisoft fighter.