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‘Override: Mech City Brawl’ Review: Fight the Hurricane

George Cheese
Guillermo del Toro’s mecha-monster masterpiece Pacific Rim released in 2013, which featured titanic ‘Jaegers’, piloted fighting-robots tasked with cancelling the apocalypse by defeating the monstrous Kaiju. The film solidified my burgeoning love of the mecha and giant-monster genres that continues to this day, in part fueled by games like Override: Mech...

‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Teaser with John Boyega

Ricky D Fernandes
The first teaser trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising has arrived, and it features a quick appearance by star John Boyega (Attack the Block). There’s not too much actual footage from the movie, and not much about the plot of Pacific Rim: Uprising has been revealed, but nevertheless, it's just enough to whet our appetites until a full