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The 40 Best Nintendo 64 Games

We asked our staff to vote on the 40 best games released for the system. While Nintendo 64 will never be remembered for sheer selection of software (only 296 titles released) it will be remembered for the quality of most of it’s games. We had over 100 titles nominated, with...
Game Boys Podcasts

Game Boys, Ep. 92: Game Boys Turns Two!

Tim Maison
This week on Game Boys your favorite podcast turns two!  No, not Serial, this one, silly!  To celebrate two years of this podcast, Alex, Ryan, and Tim make a list of the top co-op and multiplayer games covered on this podcast!  But first, a brief inside look into how this...
Game Boys N64 20 Year Anniversary Podcasts

Game Boys, Ep. 21: Nintendo 64ever

GameBoys Podcast
Twenty years ago the greatest console of all time was born.  In this episode, the Game Boys celebrate the 20th anniversary of the N64 by playing three titles from the console they’ve never played before, Battle Tanx: Global Assault, Bomberman 64, and Twisted Edge.  Then, they relive the glory days by playing Perfect Dark,...
Game Boys Podcasts

Game Boys, Ep. 13: Challenge Accepted

Tim Maison
This episode is challenging.  Not to listen to or produce, but it does center around a challenge Ryan issued to Tim.  The challenge was to make a list of the six games or franchises that should make a return as new co-op and multiplayer games.  So, sharing one together, here...

Game Boys, Ep. 13: Could Be Comeback Kids

Tim Maison
We all have our favorite standalone games, or have loved games that never got the sequel they deserved.  In this very special episode of Game Boys, Tim and Ryan provide a list of countless co-op games that have earned a comeback. The list includes more recent titles like Portal 2...
Headlines Rare Spotlight

15 best video game characters created by Rare

Ricky D Fernandes
  15 – Mr. Pants Rare’s off-beat mascot, Mr. Pants didn’t just cameo in several of the games Rare developed, but he also starred in his very own, including a traditional puzzle game for the Game Boy Advance. The overweight stick man never became a household name and his Tetris-like...
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Awesome Mixtape Vol. 2: Best of Rare’s Soundtracks

Ricky D Fernandes
Over the years, Rare developed some of our favourite video games, but what many people often forget (and sometimes don’t acknowledge) is the superb soundtracks composed for their critically acclaimed games such as Donkey Kong Country, GoldenEye 007, Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark, and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Working with such musicians...
Features Headlines N64 20 Year Anniversary Rare Spotlight

Joanna Dark vs James Bond – Why ‘Perfect Dark’ is better than ‘Goldeneye 007’

Ricky D Fernandes
One of the most eagerly anticipated games released for the Nintendo 64 was none other than Rare’s spiritual successor to GoldenEye. After Rare and Nintendo lost the rights to the James Bond license in a bidding war with EA, the masterminds at Rare decided to flex their creative muscles with...
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NXpress Nintendo Podcast #39: ‘Perfect Dark’ and our 16 Predictions

NXpress Podcast
Few games were more eagerly anticipated than Rare’s unofficial sequel to GoldenEye 007 back in the year 2000. This week we continue our month-long spotlight on Rare by discussing what makes Perfect Dark one of the best games released on the Nintendo 64. Perfect Dark isn’t groundbreaking like its predecessor...

Video of the Day: Rare Studios reveals the making of ‘Perfect Dark’

Ricky D Fernandes
One of the best games released on the Nintendo 64 is arguably Perfect Dark, a first-person shooter developed by Rare. It is considered the spiritual successor to Rare’s earlier first-person shooter GoldenEye 007, but without the restrictions of a license, Rare was able to implement whatever crazy ideas they wanted,...