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Not Red E Podcast Podcasts

The Not Red E Podcast Ep. 1: Spanking the Brand… New

Alex Aldridge
Welcome to The Not Red E Podcast! Two of Goombastomp.com’s writing team, Alex Aldridge and David Smillie, bring you the last ever first episode of the website’s loosely-associated PlayStation podcast! For our first episode, we’re chatting about Guacamelee 2, Persona 5, Dead Cells and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. You best...
Games Mixtapes

Awesome Mixtape Vol. 4: Best Video Game Soundtracks 2017

Ricky D Fernandes
As I do every year, it’s time for me to release a mixtape sampling my favourite tracks from the best video game soundtracks of 2017.
Lists Spotlight

The Very Best Games of 2017

The gaming year of 2017 has truly seen an embarrassment of riches in terms of games that are well worth the time and money of discerning gamers everywhere. 
Lists Spotlight

Halfway Mark: The 20 Best Games of 2017 So Far (Part One)

It’s that time once again in which our staff pulls together to come up with a list of our favourite games of the year so far.