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Game Boys Podcasts

Game Boys, Ep. 121: Greatness Awaits…Its Return!

Tim Maison
In the wake of the announcement of the PlayStation Classic, the Game Boys discuss the return of the original PlayStation and share the titles they’d most like to see on the nostalgic console.  But first, following their in depth discussion of Nintendo Switch Online, the Game Boys dissect how the...
Features Games Spotlight

9 Years Later: Nothing Has Been the Same Since ‘Demon’s Souls’

Maxwell N
9 years later, the impact Demon's Souls had on video games is undeniable.
Capcom Spotlight Mega Man Spotlight

‘Mega Man 9’ and the Revolution that Never Was

Justinas Staskevicius
In 2008, over a decade after the release of Mega Man 8 for the Sega Saturn and original PlayStation, Capcom made waves in the industry by releasing Mega Man 9, a throw back to the original series that sought to innovate by moving backwards.
Features PC

The Brilliance of ‘Dragon’s Dogma’

Gabriel Cavalcanti
Embarking on an epic journey filled with swords, sorcery, and mythological creatures is everyone’s dream. From the rebellious kids who wish they were someone else to the hard working parents who could do with a break most days, the fantasy of another reality is in all our minds. Some cater to...

‘BlazBlue: Central Fiction’ Review – A Fantastic Fighting Finale

Taylor Smith
BlazBlue: Central Fiction Developer(s): Arc System Works, Project BB Team Publisher(s): Arc System Works (JP), Aksys Games (NA), PQube (EU) Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 Release Date(s): October 6 2016 (JP), November 1 2016 (NA), November 4 2016 (EU) BlazBlue is a fighting game franchise near and dear to my...
Blog News

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Finally Announced For Fall 2017

Sebastian Cardone
After two days of teasing images on their social media pages, Rockstar has finally announced their much anticipated sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2. In typical fashion, Rockstar didn’t use any gaming conference to make this huge announcement. Instead, they chose to announce it in their own way on their website with...
Features Resident Evil Anniversary

‘Resident Evil: Code Veronica’ – The Bridge between Horror and Action

Taylor Smith
The Resident Evil series is about experimentation, success, and failure, both inside and outside its story. The series that had started out conceptually as a remake of an old Famicom RPG had grown and evolved throughout its life on the PlayStation, and as the dawn of the sixth console generation...