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The Not Red E Podcast Ep. 5: Not Red E Dead Redemption

Alex Aldridge
Heeeeeeeeere’s us! Yes, we are back from a house-moving, flu-suffering, computer-breaking hiatus, and we’re never leaving you again! This week, we’re talking mainly about Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 but don’t you dare think that’s all we have to offer! The Alphabet of PlayStation...
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Sony PlayStation Roundup: PS Classic, Nike and Agent

Antonia Haynes
PlayStation Classic Reviews The reviews are in for the PlayStation Classic and it seems to be a mixed bag all around at the moment. The Classic was announced back in September and is due to be released on December 3rd to celebrate the 24th anniversary of the original console. Reviewers are having...
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This Week in Gaming News: Skippy McE3 vs. Big Daddy No Discs

Alex Aldridge
Autumn is a weird season, isn’t it? It’s a devious little bastard that, thanks to global warming, presents itself as such a polar opposite to summer that it frequently gets away with crimes that are almost automatically attributed to winter. Firstly, as soon as the clocks go back – you...

Seventeen Years Later, the Nintendo GameCube is Still a Misunderstood Titan

Izsak Barnette
Though it only lasted five years, the GameCube left an indelible mark on the Kyoto-based company’s fortunes in the Wii era and beyond.

Sony Playstation Weekly Roundup: Dream Daddy, Dream Big

Antonia Haynes
PS4 Sales Continue to Rise The sales figures for Sony are continuing to rise as it was revealed the Playstation 4 console has now officially outsold the previous generation console, that of the Playstation 3. In their latest financial report, Sony stated that in the last three months, ending September...
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Let’s Talk About the PlayStation Classic

Taylor Smith
Almost everything behind the reveal of the PlayStation Classic was raising red flags Sony finally unveiled its full lineup of games for the PlayStation Classic, and it’s probably more of a lukewarm reveal than what most people were hoping for. Plenty of iconic franchises and entries are missing from the...
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‘Castlevania Requiem’: A Thoroughly Lazy Port

Mike Worby
While 'Castlevania Requiem' contains 2 classic games in their most easily accessible form, fans and newcomers alike may find themselves scratching their heads at the utter laziness and lack of effort that Konami has designated to this collection.