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Game Boys, Ep. 127: Pokemon: Let’s Get It!

Tim Maison
One of our most anticipated games of the year, Pokemon: Let’s Go! is finally out and we’re out to review it. How is the main series adjacent title? How does it compare to the rest of the main series, in particular Red, Blue, and Yellow?  And what does an episode look like without Tim?  Well,...
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History of MissingNo. in ‘Pokémon Red and Blue’

Will Stroad
Pokémon Red and Blue, the first Pokémon games released 20 years ago in North America this week. Since the release, there have been a number of updates and re-releases and while this is exciting news, it is a little sad that current players will never be able to experience the...
Game Boys Podcasts

Game Boys, Ep. 119: Ported to TV

Tim Maison
Alan Wake, The Witcher, the ongoing Castlevania series on Netflix; video game to TV adaptions are becoming more and more common.  Gaming history is rife with games and series that are perfect for adaptation to the small screen.  From Resident Evil to Elder Scrolls, here are the Game Boys top fifteen...
Game Boys Podcasts

Game Boys, Ep. 113: Made Up Modes

Tim Maison
This week’s Game Boys is all about made up modes in the games we love.  Sure, you can have plenty of fun playing Mario Kart, but how do you get extra mileage out of a game you’ve played endlessly?  You make up wacky modes with your friends!  This episode features...
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Pokémon Switch Rumor Mill-Tank: Substantiating and Analyzing the Rumors

Tim Maison
Lately, the Pokémon community has been in an uproar over the rumors and alleged leaks concerning the upcoming Pokémon titles on Nintendo Switch, supposedly titled Pokémon Let's Go! Pikachu and Pokémon Let's Go! Eevee.
Game Boys Podcasts

Game Boys, Ep. 83: Pokéboyz II Pokémen

Tim Maison
Prepare for trouble, and make it double!  Or triple I guess, since there are three Game Boys on this podcast, though if Meowth doesn't count then maybe Ryan doesn't either? 
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Pokemon Myths and Mysteries: Lavender Town and Cursed Cartridges

Tim Maison
As a game filled with legendary beings and mythical monsters that has tantalized the imaginations of millions for two decades, its no surprise that the Pokémon franchise has become the source of many mysterious myths and tales. Some fall in to the category of plausible fan theories, such as the Pokémon...
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What? The ‘Pokemon’ Trading Card Game Base Set is Evolving!

Tim Maison
Way back in December a rumor emerged as a result of poor journalism that the base set of the Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) was being reprinted in Japan.  This rumor proved false, despite the excitement and hype on the internet, and the set referred to merely featured original box art...

Amazing Drum Cover of the Opening Theme from ‘Pokémon Red and Blue’

Ricky D Fernandes
One of the most iconic video game soundtracks of all time is without a doubt the original score to Pokémon Red and Blue composed by Junichi Masuda. Over the past twenty years, plenty of musicians/fans have tried their hand in producing remixes and covers of the legendary tracks, especially the opening theme...
Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Entry #14: ‘Pokemon Red and Blue’

Tim Maison
Goomba Stomp’s Hall of Fame is reserved for only those Nintendo titles that can be called absolute classics. Chosen by the crew of the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, these bite-sized capsule reviews reflect what we’ve discussed on the podcast over the past six months. Look for more entries every 25 episodes...