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Best of 2018 Film Sordid Cinema

25 Best Movie Posters 2018

Ricky D Fernandes
As 2018 draws to a close, we look back at the 25 best movies posters of the year. Every great movie needs a great movie poster, or at least they can benefit from having one since movie posters go a long way in helping draw moviegoers to the box office....
Film Sordid Cinema Spotlight

‘The Predator’ Thrills with Laughs and Guts

JR Kinnard
The Predator Directed by Shane Black Written by Shane Black & Fred Dekker 2018/USA Shane Black’s return to the Predator franchise is gratuitous in every glorious sense of the word. The veteran writer-director amps up the humor, bloodshed, and absurdity for The Predator, which feels only fitting for a creature...
Film Sordid Cinema Tom Watches Movies

Tom Watches Movies: ‘Predator’ Remains a True Classic

Thomas O'Connor
The term “classic” gets thrown around a lot (sometimes more deservedly so than others), but if anything lives up to the term, especially where sci-fi action is concerned, it’s Predator. A highlight in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s early career, it also put director John McTiernan on the map, a position he would...