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Gamecube 15 Year Anniversary Lists

35 Best Gamecube Games

Being cool means being comfortable in one’s own skin, ignoring peer pressure, and forging a unique path with undersized discs and a convenient handle. With its playfully purple exterior, quirky awesome controller, and a library of some of the most innovative and inventive games ever released on one platform, the...
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Top 10 Games with Sony Editor, John Cal McCormick

John Cal McCormick
Top 10 Games is a new, semi-regular series that hopes to offer a bit of insight into the twisted minds of Goomba Stomp’s writers, editors, and podcasters by allowing them to tell you about their all time favorite games, and why they love them to such an unhealthy degree. About John:...
Game Boys Podcasts

Game Boys, Ep. 31.3: PAX Game Boys Pocket Episode 3

GameBoys Podcast
Three-quarters the way through PAX West, and the Game Boys had one of their best days yet!  Here’s what day three held!  In this episode: The Rabbit and the Owl, Brawlout, and Ubisoft’s For Honor. Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher Follow Game Boys on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Email Game Boys at Gameboyscoopcast@gmail.com...
Video Games & Movies

Six years later, ‘Prince of Persia’ Remains the Best Game Adaptation to Date

Mitchell Chapman
The year was 2010, and we finally got a good video game adaptation. Six years later, and the film has aged remarkably well. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was a live action feature film produced by Disney, based on a trilogy of games of the same name. The film follows Dastan...