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‘A Way Out’ Preview – A Potentially Revolutionary Co-Op Experience

Of all the games featured at E3 2017, A Way Out probably piqued my interest more than any other title.

‘Dynasty Warriors 9’: How I Fell Out of Love with the ‘Romance of the...

This is the series' first attempt at making the transition to an open world format and such a massive undertaking was bound to present a hurdle that even the mighty and fearsome Lu Bu would stumble over.

Game Boys, Ep. 95: All Aboard the Hype-warts Express

This episode is dedicated to the hype train, that locomotive comprised of all of our unrealized hopes, dreams, and unrealistic expectations.  But what fuels...

5 Historical Periods That Would Be Perfect for a ‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance’-Style Game

I like so many others eagerly await the release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, hoping it will usher in a new wave of popular, hyper-realistic games that are as informative as they are enjoyable.

‘Shadow of the Colossus’ Review: Time Flies Over Us, but Leaves Its Shadow Behind

This version of Shadow is still one of the medium’s most singular experiences revamped and revitalized for 2018.
Celeste Game

‘Celeste’: The Journey Truly is Greater than the Destination

It would be easy to write 'Celeste' off as simply another indie platformer with pixel art, this game is something truly special.
lost sphear

‘Lost Sphear’ Review – A Jigsaw Missing Pieces

While Lost Sphear seems to tick a lot of boxes for the RPG genre, it feels like many of the pieces to complete the jigsaw are missing in the white void, therefore, never really gaining a personality of its own to become an enjoyable game.

‘Chromagun’ Just Doesn’t Color My World

"ChromaGun" review for the Nintendo Switch.

Did the ‘Metal Gear Survive’ Beta Allay or Add to our Fears?

I must admit, I feel kind of bad for Konami. I’m no less disappointed than anyone else by the series’ jarring shift away from the relentlessly original, narrative-driven, stealth-action of the past towards the hackneyed zombie survival genre. And I’m certainly not condoning Konami’s allegedly appalling treatment of its former employees.

‘Wattam’ at PAX South 2018: Making Friends with Friends

My experience playing the Wattam demo at PAX South 2018