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Celebrating Fallout 3 Before its 10th Birthday

Matthew Dawson
Fallout 3 hasn’t aged terribly well. Unlike watching a bottle of wine become richer with age, it’s more like flowers not being watered in a long time. And the strange thing is, on the eve of its tenth birthday, that’s absolutely fine. Replaying the title today really shows off the
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Now is the Perfect Time to Get Into ‘Divinity: Original Sin 2’

Andrew Vandersteen
One year ago Larian released Divinity: Original Sin 2, the sequel to their 2014 hit title once again kickstarted by fans of the genre. To say it was great doesn't do it justice, not only did Original Sin 2 beat out its predecessor, it's likely one of the best RPGs ever
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Games That Changed Our Lives: ‘Persona 3’

Ed Moreno
Entertainment mediums can be used to make the viewer feel every range of emotions, from the peaks of happiness and laughter to the pits of despair and agony. Films and books have provoked all sorts of responses from audiences for ages, but as technology became more advanced, video games slowly...