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30 Years of Metroid Features Space Operas

‘Metroid Prime’: Dissection of a Masterpiece

Izsak Barnette
Metroid Prime is a testament to what ingenuity, hard-work, and pure, unadulterated brilliance can bring to an industry too often defined by meaningless stat-grinds and inch-deep stories.
Lists Spotlight Spotlight on Women

Top 10 Gender-Bending Women of the Millennium

Belinda Brock
Before the dawn of the new millennium, women in gaming were ample, though, generally only in appearance. Very few striking females in games were nurtured into full characters prior to 2002; though that is not to say that women are no longer being misrepresented as sex symbols with gigantic flotation
30 Years of Metroid Features

Samus Aran: What A Female Hero Should Be

James Baker
There’s a surge in female confidence, and girl power is on the rise across much of the world. Female protagonists have popped up to defend against the Mog Chothra, or been found creeping around Sevastopol trying to avoid a particularly terrifying alien species. But one female hero has been consistently...