Sea of Thieves

April 7, 2018
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This Week in Gaming News: Fortnite iOS, Remasters and Apologies

Welcome to the first of a weekly column where I look to round up the most important happenings in the gaming world over the last week (disclaimer: I decide what’s important), and deliver them in somewhat bite-sized fashion and top it off with a nice dose of my own opinion […]
April 6, 2018
Sea of Thieves

‘Sea of Thieves’- Subtle Patches to Improve Piracy

Sea of Thieves is a unique treasure of an experience. Here are some simple changes, quality of pirate life adjustments, and potential updates that could help keep it afloat.
April 3, 2018
Sea of Thieves Review

Tales from the Deep: My Experience with ‘Sea of Thieves’

With the right crew, Sea of Thieves can be an awesome experience. If you can look past it’s flaws, there are a lot of memorable moments to be created.
March 28, 2018
Sea of Thieves

‘Sea of Thieves’ Review: A Barren Treasure Trove

There are few concepts that are as immediately attractive as Sea of Thieves. But does Rare deliver with the execution of this major Microsoft exclusive?
March 26, 2018

Game Boys, Ep. 98: Sea of Griefs?

Welcome aboard the Game Boys Sea of Thieves special! Now that the long awaited Rare title is finally out, does the ambitious pirate simulator sink or swim?  How have the Game Boys been fairing out on the seas?  Is the game truly skull and barebones, and can Rare potentially keep this game […]
March 25, 2018

‘Sea of Thieves’ and The Curse of Streaming Gold

I can't say for sure that Rare went so far as to design the entire game with the idiosyncratic whims of streamers in mind, but I have a sneaking suspicion such considerations did have an impact when some key decisions had to be made.
March 21, 2018
sea of thieves

‘Sea of Thieves’ First Impressions: Fun, if Not a Bit Hollow

If there's one thing Sea of Thieves has in spades, it's a unique identity. But does Sea of Thieves lean on its individuality alone to sell gamers on its novel take on the open-world formula?
January 29, 2018

Game Boys, Ep. 90: Dragon Ball Sea

One of the Game Boys’ most highly anticipated titles of 2018 is already out and the Game Boys are super Saiyan stoked to talk about it!  Someone must have summoned Shenron ’cause your wish has been granted and Dragon Ball FighterZ, the fighter darling of E3, is the Dragon Ball Z game […]
January 7, 2018

Our 35 Most Anticipated Games of 2018 (Part 2)

2017 was such an incredible year for video games and 2018 looks to be just as promising. The Goomba Stomp staff has put together a list of the 35 most anticipated video games of 2018.
August 25, 2017
Life is Strange image

Gamescom 2017 Highlights

The word ‘understated’ probably best describes Gamescom 2017. In terms of new games and big, revelatory reveals, there was little to write home about.