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Rewind –>Top 10 Worlds We’d Love to See in ‘Kingdom Hearts III’

Mike Worby
Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on January 9, 2017, but with the release of Kingdom Hearts III this year, we felt it wouldn’t hurt to share it again.  The idea of merging the characters of Final Fantasy with the world of Disney is just one of those crazy accidents that...

‘Kingdom Hearts II’ Ups the Ante With an All or Nothing Final Act

Mike Worby
There’s a lot to love about Kingdom Hearts II, the sequel to Disney and Square-Enix’s mashup of their respective properties. It plays smoother than the first one, the plot elements are better balanced between the whimsical and serious, and all around the production values blow the first game completely out...
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Game Boys, Ep. 112: Back to the Front Line

Tim Maison
A man down, the Game Boys decide to make a u-turn and revisit a game that, having received some much deserved criticism, has corrected course over a matter of months.  That game is Dice’s Star Wars: Battlefront II, oft criticized for its over reliance on loot boxes and its mess of...