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The 40 Best Nintendo 64 Games

We asked our staff to vote on the 40 best games released for the system. While Nintendo 64 will never be remembered for sheer selection of software (only 296 titles released) it will be remembered for the quality of most of it’s games. We had over 100 titles nominated, with...
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Top 10 Games on the Hypothetical Nintendo 64 Classic

Justinas Staskevicius
With the recent release of the NES Classic, the Internet is exploding with the possibility of a SNES Classic. While a SNES Classic would surely sell like hotcakes —which are just pancakes by the way — these publications are thinking too small.

The Top 5 N64 Soundtracks

Patrick Donovan
While the N64 doesn’t have the largest collection of games, it does have some of the most memorable and beloved soundtracks in gaming history. It’s had some of the most inventive music prior to CD based games, really serving as a springboard for musicians going forward. Many of the soundtracks...
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‘Star Fox 2’ – the Game That Never Was, yet Inspired the Franchise Moving Forward

Taylor Smith
Almost a decade after its effective cancellation, new information about Star Fox 2 surfaced, specifically hands-on information.