May 24, 2018
Return of the Jedi

35 Years Later: ‘Return of the Jedi’ Is Still the Perfect Ending to the Perfect Trilogy

35 Years ago the original Star Wars trilogy went out with a bang. Is 'Return of the Jedi' the greatest 3rd act in all of cinema? Does Jabba the Hutt eat frogs?
May 15, 2018

‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ is the First Inessential Star Wars Movie

In the end 'Solo' feels like a collection of references to other, better movies rather than a piece of cinema in its own right.
April 5, 2018

Cinema’s Ultimate Jerks #11: Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars)

Cinema's Ultimate Jerks is a celebration of the characters we love to hate in the movies we love to love.
March 12, 2018

Goodbye ‘Life is Strange’

Farewell signifies a developer who designed every element to push you toward a specific goal. When focusing on the aesthetics of a game, you want to move past ideas like ‘fun’ and instead consider focus points like; narrative, challenge and expression.
March 6, 2018

Could the Future of ‘Star Wars’ Games be in a ‘Destiny’ Style Shared World?

When Star Wars: Battlefront was rebooted in 2015, fans of the franchise were delighted. It was the first Star Wars game in years, and it was being developed by one of the most acclaimed first person shooter developers in the industry (DICE). So it was even more heart breaking when […]
January 12, 2018

Why an Asymmetric Board Game Pissed Off Me and My Friends

It's Game Night and you know what that means: booze, board games, and belligerency (in that order). What better way to bond with your friends than by spending two hours in heated arguments, combing through rulebooks and forum posts to prove your points?
January 1, 2018

The Trouble with Recreating The Myth and Magic of ‘Star Wars’

Star Wars is a passion project that became a franchise. Its scope has increased in the forty years since the first movie's release; shifting and changing to fit different times and audiences. Whatever has been arguably lost or gained, there is no denying that audiences everywhere have continued to be captivated by a galaxy far, far away.
December 18, 2017

Top 5 Dumbest Things About ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

Even while I was enraptured in what was essentially a two-and-a-half-hour chase movie in space, there were moments in 'The Last Jedi' that left me thinking, "Hang on a minute..."
December 16, 2017

‘The Last Jedi’ Blasts Star Wars Reverence into Meaningless, Fun Space Bits

Disney has essentially turned Star Wars into a Marvel movie, but it's still decent fun.
December 5, 2017

Game Boys, Ep. 85: Game Boys’ Gamer Gift Guide 2017

It's the most wonderful time of the year again, the best part of which, but arguably the most challenging part, is gift giving.