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This Week in Gaming News: Another French Surrender

Alex Aldridge
O gaming news, gaming news, wherefore art thou gaming news? Is anybody else bored of how many times battle royale games like Fortnite seem to keep themselves in the news? They just won’t bugger off, will they? That’s the real beauty of being in charge of the news that makes...

A Tale of Two Strategies: Nintendo’s 2016 Report Card

Izsak Barnette
Appealing to two completely different market segments isn't easy for any company, much less one with coffers as limited as Nintendo's, but the Big N gave it their all this year. How did they end up?

Why You Shouldn’t Be Mad About ‘Super Mario Run’s’ Price

Ricardo Rodriguez
Nintendo released an app that costs ten dollars… No really, they actually asked their consumers to pay money (like, actual money), and they expected to get away with it. Nintendo really thinks they should make a profit off their games? That they should have the right to ask us for