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‘Doom’, ‘Wolfenstein ll’, and What This Means for the Switch

What does Doom and Wolfenstein II mean for third-party support for the Nintendo Switch?

Why Nintendo Is Smart To Avoid Achievements

Last month, our managing games editor Mike Worby argued that its high time for Nintendo to adopt achievements. All the competing systems in the past decade have incorporated achievements, ever since Microsoft introduced them in 2005. Nintendo have been the only major console developer to not adopt the system in any shape or form.

Nintendo’s Chronic Supply Shortages are Understandable but Unfortunate

Nintendo has to get their act together. They need to fix the constant supply issues that have continuously hounded them for the past few years.

‘Splatoon 2’ is Inkredibly Fun, Fresh, and Off the Hook

It might not be a true evolution from the original, but Nintendo's done well to keep Splatoon feeling fresh and off the hook.

What’s the Difference Between ‘Splatoon’ & ‘Splatoon 2?’

Splatoon 2 has been a runaway success. But has it improved by more than just sales figures? Here's an in-depth breakdown of the differences.
Nintendo Achievements

When is Nintendo Going to Finally Get Some Achievements?

It was 12 years ago, back in 2005, when Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 and introduced the first achievement system to the world in the form of the Gamerscore. Though there were those who initially thumbed their noses with skepticism at the idea, it wasn't long before it was catching on industry-wide. Well almost industry-wide, that is. 

Is ‘ARMS’ Currently Worth Buying?

Is ARMS worth your hard earned cash? Does it justify a $60.00 price tag? Is it the right purchase for you?

Game Boys, Ep. 68: E3 2017 Episode Part 2 – Microsoft, Nintendo

The Game Boys are back from E3, and with plenty of new co-op and multiplayer games revealed and demoed in L.A., there's several episodes worth of co-op content to discuss!

‘ARMS’: A Leg Up on the Competition

Nintendo has once again proven that it can bring innovation to even the most tired genres.

Where ‘Super Mario Maker’ Fails

Super Mario Maker is a fantastic game, with gameplay that feels like classic Mario. However, it does have its shortcomings.