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Games Indie Reviews 6.0

‘Forgotton Anne’ Review: An Adventure in Mediocrity

Kyle Rogacion
It’s never a good sign when a game makes you say “Was that it?” Forgotton Anne, developed by ThroughLine Games, does so often. As a narrative adventure set in a fantasy world of steampunk magic, it has a certain whimsical charm, but the game as a whole is utterly mediocre, both...

Nearly Six Years after its ill-fated Release, I’m Still Playing My Wii U

Izsak Barnette
The Nintendo’s Switch, which turns two in March, has spent the majority of its lifetime defying expectations, destroying records, and producing a litany of great games that will remain classics for years to come. Easily selling around twenty million consoles from March of 2017 to June of this year, the...