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200 Greatest Horror Films 31 Days of Horror Sordid Cinema Spotlight

150 Greatest Horror Films of the 20th Century (Top 20)

Ricky D Fernandes
It is impossible to make a definitive list of the best horror films but what follows is a list of my personal 150 favorite horror films of the 20th century accompanied by a few special mentions.
31 Days of Horror Sordid Cinema

John Carpenter’s Impact on the Horror Film Genre

Carston Carasella
Horror movies have been a staple of Cinematic culture since the dawn of the medium. Humans have enjoyed the art of being scared almost like a guilty pleasure. As cinema evolved, so too did the manner in which horror movies were presented to the masses. However, there is one horror...
31 Days of Horror Sordid Cinema

Ambiguity Makes for Better Horror in 1982’s ‘The Thing’

Patrick Murphy
When I was young my imagination elicited more true horror than any movie or TV show could possibly ever hope to. I was positive my stuffed animals inched closer in the darkness, and sometimes I could swear the closet door would open just a little wider… Good scary movies can...