Titanfall 2

February 19, 2018

Game Boys, Ep. 93: Drop Off

This week’s episode of Game Boys is dedicated entirely to drop off and the games that we let go of for one reason or another.  Alex, Ryan, and Tim try to discern why some games can hold our attention for so long while others fail to grip us.   What are […]
February 4, 2017
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Rapid-Fire: ‘Final Fantasy’ Festivities – Honoring Thirty Years of History

This week, Final Fantasy celebrates thirty years of history, the industry mourns the loss of one of its finest, The Last Guardian receives a price cut, and more.
December 29, 2016

Game Boys, Ep. 47: Best Co-op of 2016

It's the last episode of the year! Tim and Ryan spend the episode counting down the best co-op games from the entire year of 2016. What's our number one pick?
December 27, 2016

The 20 Best Games of 2016 (20-11)

As 2016 comes to an end, our staff has put together a list of the best video games released this year ranging from Nintendo Wii U releases, to indie games, PS4 exclusives, triple-A titles and everything in between.
December 2, 2016

The Game Award’s 2016 WrapUp – If You Made It Through Them You Deserve An Award

Every year The Game Awards proves itself to be more of a two-hour marketing campaign than an awards show. Host, Geoff Keighly quickly showed this year would be no different when he announced five award winners in the minutes before the show had even started.  An hour into the show, […]
November 16, 2016

Game Boys, Ep. 41: More Warfare

War, war never changes.  Especially not in the case of Call of Duty. In this episode, the Game Boys discuss many a war, the war between consoles, the war for gamers attention in the Fall, and the infinite warfare of the CoD franchise.  In this episode, they compare the latest […]
November 11, 2016

Where Are the Playstation 4 AAA Exclusives?

With Christmas just around the corner, gamers around the World will soon flock to their local retail outlet (or digital hub) to browse the wares of the videogame elite. In 2016 the consumer will certainly have a choice to make between the AAA third-party heavy-hitters: Call of Duty, Battlefield, Fifa, and Titanfall […]
November 11, 2016

Game Boys, Ep. 40: Sleepless for Seattle

As part of their Extra Life campaign, the twenty-four hour charity drive where gamers play video games unceasingly and others can watch on twitch or donate to the cause, all proceeds going to a local hospital, the Game Boys promised a live episode as a stretch goal.  That goal and […]
November 4, 2016

‘Titanfall 2’ pulls an elegant landing

There's something incredibly thrilling about how combat works in Titanfall 2, how you weave and bob, jumping wall to wall while dodging incoming fire before slingshotting yourself behind enemies and taking them out midair.
November 2, 2016

Game Boys, Ep. 39: Titanfall Inbound

One of the year’s biggest games, a game the Game Boys were anxiously awaiting, finally dropped…Titanfall 2.  Was the wait worth it, or did the series titan-fall from grace and drop the titan-ball?  Find out on this episode!  And, has Pokemon Go totally dropped the (Poke) ball as well, or did […]