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This Week in Gaming News: There’s no Return From 76

Alex Aldridge
Scouring the internet for the latest gaming news to regurgitate to you, my hungry gamer children, is often a pretty laborious affair – especially as I am very picky about what gets included and what inspires the largest amount of positive or negative emotion in me. This week, however, the...
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15 Years Later: ‘Beyond Good & Evil’ Gave Us One of Gaming’s Greatest Protagonists

Ricky D Fernandes
Michael Ancel's opus stands as one of gaming's best examples of characterization – an involving study of a girl searching, searching for answers, for belonging, for truth, for a foothold in life at a time when footholds are hard to find.

Six Long Years Later, the Wii U is Still Nintendo’s Greatest Commercial Failure

Izsak Barnette
This isn’t how the Nintendo Wii U’s tale was supposed to end. By finishing as the fourth-worst-selling console (13.56 million units sold) from the four major console developers (e.g. Microsoft, Nintendo, SEGA, and Sony) in over thirty years, ahead of only three SEGA consoles: the SGS-1000 (2 million), the Saturn...
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NXpress Nintendo Podcast #149: ‘Starlink: Battle for Atlas,’ ‘Mutant Football League,’ and ‘Bastion’

NXpress Podcast
This week on the NXpress Nintendo Switch Podcast, we catch up on discussing some recent releases we haven’t had time to squeeze into previous episodes including Mutant Football League, an arcade sports football game that mixes dark humor, blood, and gore for a hellishly good time. Given the lack of sports games on...
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‘Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey’ – A Comfortably Familiar Voyage into the Unknown

Christopher Underwood
Assassin's Creed: Odyssey is by no means as much of a bold statement as Origins was when it launched last year. It's clear that Ubisoft have found a new formula and they're going to stick with it until such time as the audience starts to drop-off again as it did
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Bananarama in ‘Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Donkey Kong Adventure’

James Baker
If there was one game on the Nintendo Switch that required some extra content, it was Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Remaining one of the most enjoyable games on the Switch, Mario + Rabbids is abundant with personality and charm, then layered with humor which encourages a harmonious experience, even
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Counter Attack #4: Ranking The E3 2018 Conferences

John Cal McCormick
there was certainly no runaway "winner" in terms of the conferences this year, with most being good and bad in different ways. Still, that's not going to stop us from ranking them from worst to best for your reading pleasure. So let's talk about how E3 2018 went down, who

E3 2018 Ubisoft Wrap Up: Too Much of an Alright Thing

Ed Moreno
In a previous wrap up on Square Enix, I criticized the fact that they showed very little content on the IPs that they actually had and opted to show most of their hand at Microsoft. Ubisoft ironically had the exact opposite problem. Their conference felt as though it dragged on...