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Sony PlayStation Weekly Roundup: Playstation 5, Black Friday and Turf Wars

Antonia Haynes
A patent filed by Sony back in September 2017 suggests that the next generation of console, the PlayStation 5, may come with a touchscreen pad for its DualShock controller. The patent, which was granted to Sony last month, suggests a completely new design for the controller. If this is the...
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This Week in Gaming News: Ken You Believe There’s No Banjo?

Alex Aldridge
That’s right, folks, I’m back from my vacation and ready to regurgitate some gaming news to you all once again. Spain, actually. Yeah, it was lovely. Thanks for asking. Anyway, there’s a lot to talk about this week so my vacation is well and truly over now – it’s time...
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Independent Growth: How, When, and Why Indie Games Have Come to the Forefront of the Gaming Industry

Matt De Azevedo
Independently developed games have been around since the dawn of the industry, but over the last 10 years or so they’ve really come to the forefront of the gaming community’s attention. A mere decade ago indie games were seen as being significantly inferior to Triple A titles, but now in...
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5 Indie Games of 2015 That Should Have Been Released On the Wii U

Ricky D Fernandes
Say what you will about the lack of big games released on the Wii U this year, Nintendo has done a fantastic job in bringing us some of the best indie titles of 2015. Games like Box Boy, The Adventures of Pip, Year Walk, Runbow and Fast Racing NEO to...