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When is Nintendo Going to Finally Get Some Achievements?

Mike Worby
It was 12 years ago, back in 2005, when Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 and introduced the first achievement system to the world in the form of the Gamerscore. Though there were those who initially thumbed their noses with skepticism at the idea, it wasn't long before it was catching

Why the NES Classic is a Smart Move for Nintendo

Izsak Barnette
The beautiful simplicity of Nintendo’s early games has lain dormant within the dusty tomes of nostalgia and has been buried underneath an era of poor marketing choices and mismanaged popular appeal. Nearly an entire generation have grown up without knowing the Nintendo that once dominated the video game market. Nintendo seeks to change that. Earlier...
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More 2016 Nintendo Predictions

Patrick Murphy
Earlier Ricky D posted his 10 Nintendo predictions for 2016, but with the limited known quantities releasing for the company’s consoles in the near (or far) future, this year has more potential for surprise than most. For that reason, ten just isn’t enough, so here a few more predictions for...