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This Week in Gaming News: Buy ‘Em Out, Boys

Alex Aldridge
Howdy, pardners. If any of you have managed to wrench yourselves away from Red Dead, I welcome you to another roundup of the week’s gaming news sautéed with some of that classic British sarcasm and moaning you all paid the entry fee for. You get the kettle on and I’ll...
Game Boys Podcasts

Game Boys, Ep. 98: Sea of Griefs?

Tim Maison
Welcome aboard the Game Boys Sea of Thieves special! Now that the long awaited Rare title is finally out, does the ambitious pirate simulator sink or swim?  How have the Game Boys been fairing out on the seas?  Is the game truly skull and barebones, and can Rare potentially keep this game...
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Game Boys, Ep. 66: Hands on With ‘Arms’

GameBoys Podcast
In this week's Game Boys, Alex, Ryan, and Tim test out the Switch's latest, Arms. Arms' Global Testpunch was available last weekend and next, and the Game Boys were all over it. What was they're take on the game, how did they fair in the ring, and are they going