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Video: Telltale Announces ‘The Wolf Among Us 2,’ ‘Batman: The Enemy Within’ and ‘Walking Dead’s’ Final Season

Telltale Games has officially announced the release of a second season of The Wolf Among Us, the sequel to the hit adventure game based on the popular comic series Fable. The developer revealed that the game was in the works as part of its summer 2017 update and confirmed that voice actors Erin Yvette and Adam Harrington will return as Snow and Bigb. The second season is described as “a new story, a new mystery, an all new set of stakes.”

The Wolf Among Us 2

Also announced earlier today is Batman: The Enemy Within, the second season of Telltale’s Batman series, which debuted in August 2016. Episode 1 is titled “The Enigma” and will be released on August 8th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with iOS and Android versions coming later in 2017.

A brief trailer released by Telltale today confirmed an appearance by The Riddler, and Telltale also revealed that John Doe will return as an early version of The Joker. Voice actor Troy Baker will reprise his role as Batman and Bruce Wayne, and Anthony Ingruber will play The Joker.


Finally, Telltale also teased The Walking Dead’s fourth season, which will complete Clementine’s long journey. A brief behind-the-scenes video released today confirmed that season four will be the final season of the series. Voice actor Melissa Hutchison will return to reprise her role as Clementine.

As of right now, Telltale has confirmed the final season of The Walking Dead will be released on consoles, PC and Mac, iOS, and Android.

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