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This Week in Gaming News: The REAL Gamescom 2018 Awards

I’m bringing to you a special edition of TWiGN. Ladies and germs, I present to you, the Alex Aldridge Super Bombastic Wunderbar Gamescom Awards Euro Megamix 2018!



Well, I made it you guys. I’m commissioning my “I survived Gamescom” t-shirt and I never want to see the Koelnmesse again. Well, maybe next year. There’s probably been gaming news happening this week, but I’ve been knee-deep in ‘boots on the ground’ action – playing games, chatting to devs, pushing past crowds and sweating off balls so you don’t have to – and with that in mind I’m bringing to you a special edition of TWiGN. Ladies and germs, I present to you, the Alex Aldridge Super Bombastic Wunderbar Gamescom Awards Euro Megamix 2018!

Biggest Surprise 

I’ll put this out there for you, straight up. When you’re at a video games convention filled with sweaty people (the worst offender being me) and lines lasting up to four hours, you really don’t often take a punt on something you expect to be a big pile of mince. With that in mind, finding a biggest surprise is actually quite difficult unless you’re actively seeking out games you’ve never heard of for a hypothetical awards ceremony you have complete control over. Which would be stupid. It stands to reason, then, that the only game that really surprised me was Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise.

fist of the north star gamescom

It probably shouldn’t have surprised me, considering it’s been out in Japan since March, but it seems that the franchise King of Campy Violence has found a very suitable home under the development arm of SEGA. Having moved on from those awful Dynasty Warriors clones made by Koei Tecmo, Kenishiro now finds himself slapped into a Yakuza clone instead. It works, though. It works pretty flawlessly, in fact. I don’t for one second think that I’ll be getting the game, but it made me laugh at least five times during the demo thanks to its ludicrous gore and over the top nonsense – the staple of any Yakuza game.

And the Award for Biggest Surprise goes to…

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise

Nicest Folks

There are loads of nice developers and PR people at Gamescom. There are also some who just turn you away because you’re a total nobody and you look weird. The people who didn’t do that to us in the nicest way were the lovely dudes over at DotEmu. Not only was their setup in the Business Area done up to look like a 1980s bedroom, they let us have a go on the only-just-announced Windjammers 2, and even gave us a couple bottles of their own branded craft beer.

dotemu gamescom

We sat down to throw back brewskis, shoot the shit and play some hardcore Windjammers 2 with the very folks who made the game. If that’s not reason alone to go to a games convention, then I’m missing the point. The Head of Marketing, Arnaud De Sousa, is a solid bloke (even if he did absolutely kick my arse at the game) and was extremely chatty and responsive to any questions we had. Kudos to him, and we’ll have some hands-on impressions of the game coming to the site soon.

And the Award for Nicest Folks goes to…


Cheekiest Bastards

The absolute worst part of any games convention is the queuing. The heat, the standing, the boredom, the noise – it all amplifies by 1000% when you’re stuck in a stationary line for the length of two entire football matches. The stereotype about British people loving to queue is a lie, folks – we hate it just as much as the next nerd. It goes without saying, then, that if you’re made to queue for a second, hidden queue, you’re more than justified in throwing up your arms, mumbling “fuck it, it’s not worth it” and leaving the queue on principle alone.

You may well have a made a beautiful and brilliant game, Microsoft Studios, but if you expect me to step through the black curtain of mystery into a hotter, more cramped queue in a darkened room to play Ori and the Will of the Wisps, then you really don’t understand the notion of “fuck it, it’s not worth it” the way I do.

And the Award for Cheekiest Bastards goes to…

Whoever hid a second queue behind a curtain for Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Biggest Ball-Dropper

You know what? I don’t think Capcom really cares that much about Gamescom. At least, their pathetic presence there seems to indicate as much. Does anyone here remember when I laid on the news that Resident Evil 2 won Best Game of E3? Capcom seems to have forgotten that, as arguably the most sought-after demo in the entire expo for one of the most anticipated remakes of all time stumbled into Gamescom on two machines. Two. Machines. Abso-cocking-lutely ridiculous.

Gamescom 2018 Resident Evil 2

Can you see now how it took me half a day to find this?

Perhaps sensing this themselves, it seemed like Microsoft, who were hosting the demo, tried to keep the game’s playable presence a secret. Hiding it away in the far corner of the Xbox area, Resi 2 was locatable via a tiny little board that mentioned it amongst a bunch of other games you could play. It took us half a day to find it, and we then queued for well over two hours.

It wasn’t only Resi 2 that got the short shrift; Devil May Cry 5 was also sorely under-represented for its first current gen outing (and first main series title in nearly a decade). Queues for this game were also absolutely mental, spilling out into the demo areas for several other games. Capcom, why you gotta play us like this?

And the Award for Biggest Ball-Dropper goes to…


The Filip Miucin Shitheel Award

I didn’t have to pay for my Gamescom press ticket, which was nice. It was also lucky because if I’d paid money for a public ticket and had to endure the abhorrent crowded floors of the entertainment area from Wednesday onwards, I’d have probably keeled over with a stroke. It was a fucking shambles. Literally, in fact, as shamble is what we had to do once the public was let in on day 2, and that’s not even when we were queuing to play a game. We genuinely had to queue to walk through an area en route to where we wanted to go. The monetary value of an experience like that is less than zero, yet thousands of poor bastards paid hundreds of Euros to put up with that shit and likely play three games in an entire day.

Gamescom 2018 awards

Call it me being entitled, call it me being unwilling to accept a staple of video game conventions but, in reality, I’m fine – I got to go to the press day and play dozens of games off a free ticket. Gamescom organizers clearly oversold the balls off this event, and it’s just not fair on people who pay money to have a crack at the newest releases from their favourite hobby. I genuinely feel sorry for every single one of them. Greed evidently won out, and feasibility was swept under the rug.

And The Filip Miucin Shitheel Award goes to…

The Gamescom organizers

Coolest Set

This is definitely the hardest award to decide upon. Gamescom had a ton of wicked cool sets. Darksiders 3, Metro: Exodus and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice went for huge models of in-game characters. The battle royale brothers made their presence felt, as Fortnite had a huge playground straight out of the game, while PUBG had a cut-out version of the game’s plane that people could sit in. It even took green-screen videos of players, blew a fan in their face and superimposed them to look like they were parachuting down to the eponymous battlegrounds themselves.

Elsewhere, Bethesda had an open vault door as the exit to their presentation area. Even some shitty games had good sets; the Game of Thrones browser game had a bunch of olde fashioned maidens stood around the Iron Throne itself, and Farming Simulator had… well, a farm, complete with a tractor. It was a tough choice with so much notable visual splendour to stare at from a queue, but the towering model of a New York City building and accompanying street set for Marvel’s Spider-Man just about nudged ahead of the rest.

And the Award for Coolest Set goes to…

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Wankiest Set

This decision was decidedly less tough than awarding the best set. There were a fair few games that had little more than a large poster hung over the demo machines, but these were usually within a larger area, like for Xbox and SEGA. An honorable mention goes to Forza Horizon 4 which, in fairness, could do little else than just park up a car next to the game booth, but that doesn’t mean it’s impressive.

Gamescom 2018 Nintendo

The winner of this category has to go to a large publisher that inexplicably displayed a total lack of effort in its display work, and that publisher is Nintendo. I’ve been to smaller events than Gamescom and seen better Nintendo sets, and they’ve had some seriously awesome ones at E3 before. Their Gamescom effort, however, was basically nothing. No models, no flashy lights or gimmicks – just a big square of demo machines and some red walls with Nintendo written on it. Granted, they had a huge screen for some competitive gaming, but there was a disappointing lack of pizazz to spice up an equally disappointing lack of games worth seeing.

And the Award for Wankiest Set goes to…


Swaggiest Swag

Oh, video game conventions, how you love to dole out useless free tat that people still willingly fill their luggage up with regardless. I shit you not, I saw people running to the Xbox stage on more than one occasion to try and catch free t-shirts being thrown out by the presenters. Some of them just had the Mixer logo on them. Who in the blue fuck is going to wear that? Seriously, they were running.

Gamescom 2018 Swag 

It’s not all shite though, just mostly. It’s not often you get something for free you’ll actually ever use again, but the adorable Super Mario Odyssey keyring we got from Nintendo is going straight on the ol’ janglies. Add to that the smart little Smash Bros. pin badge obtained after a bash on Ultimate and that’s a decent haul – certainly better than the wrist-mountable compass given out by Remnant: From the Ashes. It’s 2018; who doesn’t have a compass on their phone? Who gets lost anymore?!

And the Award for Swaggiest Swag goes to…


Milkiest Milquetoast Toast

You’ve done the hard work by now. The game has been announced, development and marketing are probably well underway and you’ve got your conference demo ready to go out and do its thing to create some buzz for release day. The last thing you want is a demo or a game that is so milquetoast that everyone’s forgotten about your game by the time they get home. Take a bow Team Sonic Racing. Actually, don’t.

Gamescom 2018 Team Sonic Racing

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed may be a contender for the most convoluted game title since Peter Jackson’s King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie, but my word that game was brilliant. A genuine rival for Mario Kart’s decades-old crown, the game was a joyous combination of originality and fan-service. To capitalise on the critical acclaim of that game, SEGA decided, to boot all its franchise characters out of the sequel and focus entirely on the bunch of crappy critters that Sonic calls his mates. Not only that, but gone are the transforming cars, planes, boats, and the dynamic levels. In their place is a handful of team-based moves and some of the most sedentary racing I’ve played in a long time. Not terrible, just really, really bland.

And the Award for Milkiest Milquetoast Toast goes to…

Team Sonic Racing

Most Adequate Upholder of Expectations

Sometimes you don’t need a game to do all that much to please you, so long as it retains its level of quality and maintains its focus on what it does best. Hell, just look at any sports game released this generation – that’s all they do. The same can very much be said of the Forza series, and Forza Horizon 4 isn’t breaking any moulds this year, but stick a banana in my exhaust pipe if it isn’t still brilliant.

Gamescom 2018 Forza Horizon 4

The quality is still there, then, and I’m not ashamed to admit the pangs of glee I felt when I saw some of those beautifully familiar British road signs. Oh, white circle with a diagonal black line, you sexy national speed limit bastard. The rest of the world can get bored of Horizon if it wants, but the new dynamic seasons mechanic and the fact that I can drive on the left in good ol’ Blighty is so pleasing I feel like cracking on a seatbelt and popping down to Waitrose right now. I hope this game has roundabouts, even if it’s just those little white ones. Oh man, I need to calm down.

And the Award for Most Adequate Upholder of Expectations goes to…

Forza Horizon 4

The Frittering Mortality Award for Timewasting 

Bethesda went all out with Fallout 76 exposure at Gamescom. The game was freakin’ everywhere – on the outside of the arena, on billboards in the streets, on posters in train stations, and the publisher was giving out Vault 76 party hats and blowers outside a Fallout-branded party bus. With all this going on (as well as the impressive set I mentioned earlier) I thought the Gamescom demo of the game would be awesome. It probably would have been…if there was one.

Gamescom 2018 Fallout 76

No, there wasn’t a demo to play. Instead, there was a video presentation. No, there wasn’t a new video being presented. Instead, there was the E3 video and a brief clip of Todd Howard talking at QuakeCon. The only new thing they had to show in the video was Todd Howard not being able to read basic German off a teleprompter. And yet, people still flocked there and queued up expecting something they weren’t going to get. Every time I walked past the booth, I wanted to warn people of their impending boredom, but I’m only one man.

And The Frittering Mortality Award for Timewasting goes to…

Bethesda and Fallout 76

Worst Demo

Look, I’ve never made a game demo, but I reckon I know what most people would want to see in one – certainly what they wouldn’t want to see. A bad demo can leave a terrible impression of what may very well be a decent game. To avoid it coming off badly at a time when everyone playing it has hundreds of other demos they could be playing instead, don’t fuck yours up.

Metro: Exodus done fucked theirs up.

gamescom 2018 metro exodus

The demo was definitely boring – that much is to be expected for it to be mentioned in this category – but, worse still, it was confusing. Your game doesn’t need to hold my hand and tell me what to do and where to go, but your 15-minute demo really should. If I spend the last five minutes of playtime wondering where I’m going and why nothing happened when I killed everyone, then I’m not seeing the best of what you’ve got to offer; I’m seeing nothing. Add to that the terribly buggy AI that saw enemies walking into walls and getting stuck on the scenery, as well as the stupidly sensitive aiming, and a proper shit time was had.

And the Award for Worst Demo goes to…

Metro: Exodus

Best Demo

Perhaps serving as some kind of painful warning against the perils of too much of a good thing, the most under-represented demo in all of Gamescom was hands-down the best. Resident Evil 2’s demo was an absolute masterclass in pacing and direction – making sure you saw a little bit of every facet the game has going in its favour and subverting any preconceived expectations that experienced players could have.

Gamescom 2018 Resident Evil 2

The demo showcased the tense and scary atmosphere, gorgeous graphics punctuated by stellar lighting and sound, accomplished voice acting (sacrilege, I know), visceral combat, and teased several puzzles to be found in the full game. Even better was that you didn’t see a zombie for the entire first half of it, keeping the player on edge just waiting for the shit to hit the fan (or the back of a zombie’s trousers, as was often the case). Once it did, the stakes and the excitement ramped up significantly for the prefect crescendo to send players off thirsty for more. Truly exemplary.

And the Award for Best Demo goes to…

Resident Evil 2

Worst Game of Gamescom 2018

Remember when the gaming sphere (myself included) took a giant poop on the deck of Sea of Thieves over its lack of content? That criticism is almost entirely justified, but the one thing you could say about Rare’s co-op pirate title is that it had substance. If you take the lack of content of Sea of Thieves and then remove almost all of that substance, you end up with Ubisoft’s inexplicably boring Skull & Bones – a game about being a pirate where you play exclusively as a boat.

Attacking other ships is done with a simple left trigger-aim/right trigger-fire combo. If you do enough damage to the ship you can manoeuvre alongside your foe and press A to board them. Then a cutscene plays. If, however, you take damage, you’ll need to repair your ship by pressing the d-pad. Then a cutscene plays. If you find a glowing circle in the sea indicating sunken treasure, you can move to the circle and press A to collect the treasure. Then a cutscene plays.

Gamescom 2018 Skull & Bones

That, in a nutshell, is Skull & Bones – a game about moving really slowly to a location and pressing A to watch the same cutscene over and over. Not only did they make being a pirate (well, if you can call it being a pirate) duller than Pegleg Pete’s peg leg, they also made one of the pirates polite. A fucking polite pirate?! Bonus marks were also lost thanks to Ubisoft, of all companies, having the audacity to crown the game with the tagline “long live piracy.” What’s the definition of irony again?

And the Award for Worst Game of Gamescom 2018 goes to…

Skull & Bones

Best Game of Gamescom 2018

I felt like the fact that Resident Evil 2 won best demo meant that I should give another game the spotlight for best game, just to make things fair and balanced. Also because Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice feels like it’s going to be AWESOME. I’ve gone into way more detail with my hands-on preview already on this site, but it’s basically a game that balances itself with the grace and speed of Bloodborne crossed with the methodical combat of Dark Souls.

Gamescom 2018 Sekiro

I wasn’t worried about Resident Evil 2 the way I perhaps had some reservations about Sekiro. No multiplayer? No RPG elements? Will it feel like a From Software game at all? Well hush my pretty little mouth, because this feels like the next evolution in From Software games. A brutal, balletic extravaganza of difficulty and death, this will make veteran players feel right at home, offer new players a great jumping-off point, and give yet another fresh setting to a well-established set of inimitable core mechanics that continue to prove their versatility and brilliance nine years on.

And the Award for Best Game of Gamescom 2018 goes to…

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Right, show’s over. Let’s all get out of here before I add more categories and smash out another thousand words while I sit in the airport waiting to fly home to England. Cheers, Gamescom, for your sweaty, crowded hospitality – I’ll maybe see you next year. I’ll see you lot next week.

Crotchety Englishman who spends hundreds of pounds on video game tattoos and Amiibo in equally wallet-crippling measure. Likes grammar a lot, but not as much as he likes ranting about the latest gaming news in his weekly column.



  1. Ricky D Fernandes

    August 26, 2018 at 7:44 pm

    I am so glad it isn’t just me who thinks Metro: Last Exodus is boring. I actually somehow broke the game while playing it at E3 which had the developers tripping out. I somehow wound up bypassing the entire demo area and landed somewhere I wasn’t supposed to see.

    It is also surprising that Nintendo had a lame setup because the set they had for E3 was amazing.

    • Alex Aldridge

      August 27, 2018 at 6:10 am

      I’ve been to lesser events than Gamescom before where the PR kids stood around each game will help you get through the demo and give you hints. This badly needed that as I’d cleared out the town and was stood at the X but had no idea where to go. I wasted the last 5 minutes of my 15 and left incredibly bored.

      I was really surprised by Nintendo – they had an awesome setup at the first EGX I went to where they were showing off Skyward Sword. Seems this year it was all about the big screen for competitive Smash and Splatoon 2

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Beanie Babies: The Collectables with Heart

Toys We Love Spotlight



For our Toys We Love Spotlight, I’m looking at one of my personal favourites: Beanie Babies. I had collected so many of these growing up, and households worldwide in the 90s and early 2000s were sure to have at least one Beanie Baby in their possession (was it even the 90s if they didn’t?). These plushie companions were cute, cuddly, and collectable, so it’s not a surprise that the Beanie Babies craze swept the globe, forcing parents and toy collectors everywhere to dig into their wallets.

Beanie Babies had a few aspects to them that made them stand out from your average plushie. Firstly, they did not have as much stuffing as most soft toys. Whilst some thought that this made them look cheap, it also made them light, posable, and gave them a realistic feel and look. The bear Beanie Babies were particularly good to pose, and this set them apart from run-of-the-mill teddy bears. Another element that made Beanie Babies more unique was their special tag. Each toy had a tag attached which had the toy’s name, date of birth, and a quotation etched inside. The former was something that could have been a risky choice, as although it wasn’t completely taking away the child’s choice of name — there was nothing stopping them from just calling their Beanie whatever they wanted — a pre-selected name can be difficult to sell, as kids can often take great pride and pleasure in naming their toys.

It was a great success, however, and worked as a nice finishing touch for the Beanie Babies, adding a dash of personality and flair (something much needed in the often critically over-saturated soft toy market), as well as making each Beanie Baby feel like their own creature with their own little stories. Adding to that was the wide variety of animals that were available, such as Tiny the Chihuahua, Pegasus the Unicorn or Swampy the Alligator. This means that the desires of each individual child or enthusiastic collector could be catered to (I myself favoured the dogs and bears).

The puppies were my Beanie Baby of choice. They were all such good boys and girls.

The Beanie Babies also had their own way of tackling difficult issues in society, showing them to kids through the guise of a soft toy. I’ll give you an example through my own experience: I had a Beanie Baby that (as odd as it may sound) gave me more of an understanding of the horrors of September 11th. Weird, right? Allow me to explain. I was only just nine years old on that now-historical day when the twin towers in New York were attacked and so many innocent people lost their lives. I had come home from school (it was afternoon time here in the UK when it happened), and I remember my mum watching it on television in complete shock. She had watched the whole thing whilst I’d been at school.

I didn’t really understand what was happening to be honest. Even when I was watching the repeats of the plane crashing into the side of the tower, I was somewhat oblivious the gravity of the situation (though as a nine year old child, I suppose I could be forgiven for that). The news continued to report the tragedy for a long time, and my school held assemblies to discuss the matter. I knew people had died, and that made me very sad, but I remember thinking that people died all the time, so why was this one incident reported on so much? About a month or so after, TY released three Beanie Babies as a tribute to those lost during 9/11. One of these was a Dalmatian Beanie Baby called Rescue, and I wanted him the moment I saw him, not really knowing the true nature of his purpose. My mum obliged happily, knowing what he represented. I remember taking my little Dalmatian with the red collar and American flag on his leg home and reading his tag. It read:

To honor our heroes
who lost their lives in the
national catastrophe that
took place on September 11, 2001.
We mourn for them and express our
deepest sympathy to their families.
God Bless America

Rescue the Dalmatian was joined by America the Bear and Courage the German Shepherd. The Beanies were a set of three released to honor those who perished in the tragedy of 9/11.

I found Rescue in my room recently, and the memories flooded back to me upon reading it again. I remember looking into all the acts of heroism and bravery after reading Rescue’s tag, and that’s when the situation really hit home to me. I looked into the stories of firefighters and first responders and those who had died, as well as all the search-and-rescue dogs attempting to save people among the chaos. As a child, it can be hard to see past your immediate opinion and truly consider the sheer weight of a situation, but with Rescue’s help, I was able to see just how this event was indeed very different to anything I had ever seen before, and how serious it was. It was the first time I felt like I was thinking like a grown up. I looked at the world differently from then on — obviously as I got older, but also from my ability to think harder and search deeper. Honestly, I don’t know if I would have even bothered if it wasn’t for Rescue reminding me of exactly how much was lost on that day.

Rescue, perhaps the goodest and bravest boy of them all.

Beanie babies will forever be ingrained in culture. They are still bought, sold and collected even now and will remain a timeless staple of most of our childhoods. They certainly are for me. Especially you Rescue, the bravest firefighting Dalmatian the world has ever known.

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‘Shenmue III’ Gamescom Trailer Details a Day in the Life of Ryo



The original Shenmue games pioneered the open world genre, in part through their inclusion of many different minigames and side activities. The Kickstarter-funded Shenmue III looks to continue that legacy, as developer Ys Net and publisher Deep Silver have debuted a new trailer at Gamescom 2019 entitled “A Day in Shenmue.”

The developers provided the following description of the trailer via their latest Kickstarter update: “Exploring the town, playing minigames and battling! We hope it feels just how a Shenmue day should!” Sure enough, the footage showcases the series protagonist Ryo participating in a number of minigames, such as a boxing game and a pachinko machine. The end of the trailer also includes a good look at the series’ signature kung fu combat.

Beyond the new trailer, the Kickstarter update also noted that Yu Suzuki, the famed creator of Shenmue, will be present at Gamescom for autograph signings.

After numerous delays, Shenmue III will finally launch on November 19, 2019 for PS4 and PC via the Epic Games Store.

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